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Deep Knowledge Group Announces Strategic Support of Landmark AI for Longevity Summit at King’s College London


October 25, 2019, London, UK: Deep Knowledge Group announces its strategic support of a conference on the topic of Longevity for the first time since the Big Data Science in Medicine Conference at Oxford University in 2014, and will be unveiling the cumulative knowledge it has aggregated, systematized and refined over the past 5 years on the nexus of Artificial Intelligence, Longevity, Health and Wealth to a select group of attendees.


Through the efforts of its subsidiaries, Deep Knowledge Group has been working tirelessly to develop sophisticated methods for translating advanced AI for Longevity solutions, frameworks and technologies into practice, at the intersection of health as new wealth, novel applications of life data for insurance companies, pension funds, healthcare corporations and government bodies, new technologies, instruments and solutions at the forefront of the rising Longevity Financial Industry, and practical applications of preventive medicine and Precision Health. Now, for the first time, the group will be disclosing its knowledge and agenda to key decision makers in the sectors of AI, Longevity, Precision Health and Finance.


The landmark AI for Longevity Summit is to be held in the afternoon of November 12th, 2019 at King’s College London. This exclusive event is free of charge and attendance is by invitation only. Delegates will have excellent opportunities for professional networking and access to cutting-edge information on the latest developments in AI for Longevity Research, Biomarkers of Ageing and Precision Preventive Medicine. 


The exclusive one-day event has attracted the interest of major financial corporations, insurance companies, investment banks, and tech corporations, with talks and panel discussions from top executives of Prudential, HSBC, AXA, NVIDIA, Babylon Health, Huawei, NHSx, the UK Office of AI, the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group for Longevity, Insilico Medicine, Longevity Vision Fund, Juvenescence and others.


Co-hosted by world-leading Longevity-focused organizations including the Longevity AI Consortium at King’s College University in London (the UK’s leading academic-industry R&D hub for advanced AI-driven personalized preventive diagnostics, prognostics and therapeutics), Deep Knowledge Ventures, Aging Analytics Agency, Longevity Swiss Foundation, the Biogerontology Research Foundation and Ageing Research at King’s (ARK), the conference will bring together an unprecedented density of frontier knowledge and industry expertise and the nexus of AI, Longevity and Finance.


Dmitry Kaminskiy will chair a panel discussion on “Investing in AI for Longevity” on behalf of Longevity.Capital featuring top executives of HSBC, AXA, Huawei, Longevity Vision Fund and Juvenescence, and will be delivering a full-scope overview of the AI for Longevity sector on behalf of Aging Analytics Agency. 


He will also deliver overviews of two analytical reports by Aging Analytics Agency:  Global Longevity Governance: 50 Countries Big Data Comparative Analysis of Longevity Progressiveness, which utilizes 10,000 data points in total to assess and rank the levels of Longevity-progressiveness, Health-Adjusted Life Expectancy and the gap between HALE and unadjusted life expectancy for 50 countries, and provides key policy recommendations on how each country can optimize their current international Longevity standing, and Biomarkers of Longevity: Most Comprehensive and Minimum Required Panels of Biomarkers of Aging, which utilizes sophisticated analytical frameworks to rank the market-readiness and accuracy vs. actionability ratio of a comprehensive list of biomarkers of Longevity, ageing and health in order to identify the MVP panel capable of being implemented into practice today.


Meanwhile, Eric Kihlstrom (Managing Partner of Longevity.Capital and Strategic Director of Aging Analytics Agency) will be delivering a presentation on the Global Longevity Landscape, with highlights from the UK, EU, and USA.

The summit brings together an unprecedented density and variety of top decision makers of financial corporations, tech corporations, R&D hubs and government bodies from across the public and private sectors to present and discuss the frontier of artificial intelligence for ageing research and the practical implementation of Longevity technologies for preventive medicine and precision health. The full agenda for the conference is available here: 

It will be the first in a series of conferences, which we expect to become the world-leading forum on AI for Longevity. The next two events in the series will be held in 2020 in London, UK and Zurich, Switzerland. We expect the conference to be of major interest to a variety of institutions, organizations and individuals keen to explore how novel trends in the creation and application of life data can be used to transform the problem of ageing population into the asset of Healthy Longevity.


Major topics of the summit will include:        

  • Frontier applications of artificial intelligence in ageing research, Longevity R&D and the development of biomarkers of health and Longevity, and the paradigm shift from disease treatment and sick care to preventive medicine, and from preventive medicine to precision health, utilizing nearly real-time assessment of biomarkers of ageing to coordinate micro-dose interventions to continually rebalance biomarkers of health and Longevity and maintain an optimal state of precision health, and how AI will be necessary for the coordination of biomarker monitoring and interventions due to the sheer volume of data

  • The increasing shift toward actionable biomarkers of ageing, including the identification of biomarkers of health, Longevity and ageing that have the highest ratios of accuracy and precision vs. actionability, expense and ease-of-implementation, and the benchmarking of biomarkers that can be used in practice today

  • Emerging trends and novel paradigms relating to both the creation and application of life data collected on a massive scale from healthy individuals and used in scientifically-backed, quantifiable, tangible and precise ways to preserve and maintain an optimal state of health

  • The disruptive and accelerative impact that AI is having on Longevity R&D and the practical implementation and clinical translation of Longevity technologies and therapeutics

  • Frontier applications of AI for financial wellness over extended periods of healthy Longevity, and the maintenance and optimization of “wealthspan” to complement advances in “healthspan”, including the application of AI assistants and “robo-advisors” for personal financial management, and the utilization of novel forms of financial data to enable AI-empowered AgeTech and WealthTech services

  • Novel methods of using AI to optimize psychological wellness, social activity, promote neuroplasticity and combat loneliness and social isolation among elderly.

For the first time in history, recent progress in the convergence of artificial intelligence and advanced biomedicine present an opportunity to make precise personalized preventive care and the maintenance of Healthy Human Longevity a reality, and to translate the paradigm shift from healthcare to AI-empowered precision health from theory into practice.


About Deep Knowledge Group

Deep Knowledge Group is a consortium of commercial and non-profit organizations active on many fronts in the realm of DeepTech and Frontier Technologies (AI, Longevity, FinTech, GovTech, InvestTech), ranging from scientific research to investment, entrepreneurship, media, analytics and more. Its subsidiaries and associated organisations include Deep Knowledge Ventures, Longevity.Capital, AI-Pharma.Capital, Longevity FinTech Company, Deep Knowledge Analytics, Aging Analytics Agency, Biogerontology Research Foundation, Longevity Swiss Foundation, Longevity International UK - Secretariat for the UK All-Party Parliamentary on Longevity, and AI-Longevity Consortium at King’s College London.

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