Alexei Cresniov

Director of
Deep Knowledge Analytics

Alex Cresniov, based in London, has a background in Political Science and significant expertise in Global Socio-Economic Assessments, DeepTech & Big Data Analytics.

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People say time flies when you’re having fun; however, I believe time flies when you’re dedicated to creating positive change (though there is some fun along the way) such as leading projects that received endorsements from the Prime Minister of Israel and the ex-President of Switzerland. 

Though it feels like yesterday, I remember my first call with Dmitry Kaminsky on the first of December, 2017, when we started working over a new landscape report. It was called AI in the UK and was to be presented at the upcoming APPG AI (the All Party Parliamentary Group on AI) meeting. Back then, I was a university lecturer at Moldova State University in the faculty of International relations. 

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Artificial Intelligence in UK Landscape Report presented in the 

UK Parliament on Oct 24, 2018


That call with Dmitry was probably the call that changed my life. Since then, I have participated in many projects, including reports on various deeptech industries focusing on dozens of countries and territories. 

I didn’t stop there. I learned that there are no limits to what you can achieve. One of my favorite quotes is, “Do the thing, and you will be given the power.” So I did the thing and became the Director of two analytical agencies - Deep Knowledge Analytics and Deep Pharma Intelligence.

But I still didn’t stop there.

One of our most outstanding achievements came during the COVID-19 period. During this time, We created the COVID-19 report and were among the first to start providing country safety rankings during the height of the pandemic. This project brought us colossal media coverage. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before. We had over 2,000 media publications in 12 months; our media citations were numerous, so I lost count. We stopped counting our citations over a year ago. 

This project regarding our COVID-19 analytics and rankings is what made Deep Knowledge Analytics and Deep Knowledge Group a truly global organization. In addition, this brought us quite a lot of positive attention from various governments.

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Short list of notable acknowledgments of DKA’s COVID analytics


As I reflect on my stories and experiences, I remember how much has changed. A lot has changed, and it’s interesting to see how much can change in a relatively small amount of time.


But then, I have still not stopped. In 2021, the influence of our projects spread Deep Knowledge Group’s influence across the World, taking us to countries like Switzerland, where we hosted top Swiss government leaders on the prospects of building the Longevity Finance and Investment Sector in Switzerland to transform the country into a leading hub for Longevity Finance, Policy, and Biomedical development.

Four Seasons Hotel, Geneva, Switzerland


From Moldova, I relocated to Dubai, UAE, to continue building Deep Knowledge Group projects. We are currently working on a country ranking platform that combines our COVID findings and our previously created Longevity Governance reports with a soon-to-be-released Food Security report. Using AI, our new platform will scrape data from about 180 states and provide real-time predictions about their failures and successes.

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14 February - was not only Valentine’s Day


In addition, Dmitry Kaminsky and I are writing a book now on the GovTech industry. This book will examine how deeptech influences government services and shapes future governments. The book will be released by the end of this year.


Deep Knowledge Group allowed me to apply my theoretical and practical knowledge from political science and apply them to deeptech ai-driven projects for better governance. The impact of these projects is beyond my comprehension. Diversity is one of the best parts of my work. Our project requires many people with different backgrounds: from data analysis and mathematical modeling to policy analysts and economists.

If an opportunity to be a part of the Deep Knowledge Group presents itself, seize it. It is indeed life-changing. Deep Knowledge Group is currently seeking to expand its team with people who are passionate about building for the future. Currently there are open slots for talents in Business Development and Project Management. One beautiful thing about working in Deep Knowledge Group is you will always find a project that aligns with your coolest dreams and ambitions. Whether you are interested in Aging Science/ Longevity, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Space Technologies, Investment, Fintech, Food Technology or even Philanthropy and Social Impacts, there is a relevant project for you. If you are interested, please feel free to reach out to me or to

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