Anastasia Lit

Director of Investor Relations, Europe and MENA regions

At Longevity Card Anastasia is responsible for developing new projects, partnerships, and investor relations. She is a FinTech expert with experience and understanding of modern payment infrastructure, trends and technologies.


In many ways, doing what I can, to accelerate the inevitable emergence of a truly robust and modern DeepTech InvestTech ecosystem has become my professional life mission. Hearing about the ways in which Deep Knowledge Group predicted and forecast these developments and is actively working towards their development and deployment, from its Founder and General Partner Dmitry Kaminskiy, was the decisive factor influencing my decision to join the team in investor relations and business development capacity in 2020.

Deep Knowledge Group has a long history of acting according to a very long-term strategic vision based on the support, development, and deployment of disruptive technologies to revolutionize the current landscape of traditional investment approaches. We support innovative DeepTech projects and explore ways to facilitate their investments of them. We also encourage the modern advanced investors' community to draw attention to the new technologies, new vision, and the new types of commodities - the new technologies and industry in the DeepTech world to invest in. Those individuals who will change their attitude to the investment approach will for sure benefit from the new 5th Industrial Revolution to come.

We have many exciting projects, developments, and plans in this arena scheduled for public disclosure and launch over the coming year that I would like to share here for added context, but which are not yet approved for full public disclosure at this time. Please feel free to subscribe to my feed and watch this space over the coming months for further information and exclusive insights on many of these upcoming developments, and if you would like to know more on a private informational basis, or wish to learn more about how you can become professionally involved in accelerating and advancing these critically important matters forward for maximum societal impact, please feel free to reach out to me directly, to visit or write us at 

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