King's College Longevity Summits: AI, Policy, Finance


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Landmark Summits Reveal the Rise of Longevity Technocracies and MegaHubs at the Frontier of Longevity Policy and Governance


Launch of UK’s First AI for Longevity Hub at King’s College London and its Bold Plans for 2020 and Beyond

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Landmark Summits Reveal How the Future of National Economies Will Be Reshaped by the Intersection of AI, Longevity, Finance and Governance


How to add five extra healthy years to our lives through a new social contract - the focus at International Longevity Policy and Governance Summit launch

“Ageing is viewed with trepidation by some but you can take a lot of the uncertainty out of it by planning for the long-term. Taking better care of our health, maintaining diverse relationships, saving for retirement and being open to learning and new work opportunities can make longevity a very positive experience. Our intent with the Ready for 100 report is to get people to re-imagine what an amazing experience life to 100 could be and to inspire the changes that will make this a reality for future generations. As medical costs continue to rise, we must evaluate the role we can play in making healthcare more affordable and accessible. As insurers, this means changing the way we engage with customers. We want to go beyond covering their medical bills to coming up with innovative solutions that will make our customer healthier and wealthier”


- Wilf Blackburn, CEO of Prudential Singapore

"I believe that we are at a pivotal moment in healthcare IT where AI could fundamentally support the improvement in patient care and so outcomes. The key here is to introduce AI in to the clinical pathway where it is seen as a positive disruption, not negative or of no value. There is a fundamental challenge and that will be the ability to explain and be transparent in the development and deployment (interoperability) of the AI solution. This includes being able to explain to patients, families, carers and of course health professionals. The economic value will need to be considered in the eventual outcome of this enormously interesting time in healthcare transformation."


- Craig Rhodes, EMEA Industry Lead for Artificial Intelligence Healthcare and Life Science at NVIDIA

"The application of AI for Longevity will bring the greatest real-world benefits to the industrialization of Longevity to scale, and will serve as the main driver of progress in the widespread extension of Healthy Longevity for all segments of society.”

“AI for Longevity is an underrepresented sector in the Longevity Industry despite having more potential to increase healthy Longevity in the short term than any other sector. It is our aim to change that with the launch of the Longevity AI Consortium at King’s College London, which will work to facilitate the shift from treatment to prevention and from preventive medicine to real-world precision health.”


- Dmitry Kaminskiy, General Partner of Deep Knowledge Group and Longevity.Capital

"The United Kingdom is in a unique position, having prioritised both its longevity and AI industries in two of its four Industrial Strategy Grand Challenges. Given its strengths in AI and longevity, and its expertise as a global leader in fintech and life sciences, it can develop the healthy longevity marketplace to scale internationally.”


- Eric Kihlstrom, Partner at Longevity.Capital and Director of Industry Collaboration, Longevity International UK

“AI holds enormous potential to rapidly accelerate the implementation of Longevity R&D. The nation is home to multiple centres of AI for Healthcare, but not a single Longevity AI Consortium. We are changing this through our unique academic-industry focus on preventive and personalised physical, mental and financial health, marking us out from other AI and Ageing centres around the world”


- Richard Siow, Ph.D., Director, Longevity AI Consortium, King’s College London

“Unless drastic action is taken, people will suffer lower quality wellbeing during a longer lifespan. This could become the next global crisis after climate change. The Longevity AI Consortium is unique in its focus on preventive health, addressing the social determinants of health at the root of inequalities.”


- Tina Woods, CEO, Longevity International UK