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Emma Brodina

Emma Brodina, based in London, UK, is a DeepTech, AI, corporate finance professional responsible for IT and analytics at Aging Analytics Agency.


I've always felt like I wanted to make a difference in the world. When there are some problems to be solved, I can't sit in one place. This is just the way I am, and it often seems like I was born this way. 


I noticed these qualities in myself when I was at university. While studying in one of the capital's prestigious universities I always participated in the life of the university, simultaneously looking for internship opportunities in international companies and programs. And at some point, in my senior years, the question raised, what should I do next? Where to go and what to link my professional path with? 


Maybe I was just lucky, but I tend to think that fate played its part and I was lucky enough to interview for the role of investment analyst at Aging Analytics Agency, one of the leading subsidiaries of Deep Knowledge Group (DKG). I took my one year of hard work and consistent efforts to contribute to the team’s success to forge a path from a junior position to the Director of Analytics within one company. I was extremely excited about my career advancement, but then the General Partner of DKG, Dmitry Kaminskiy, noticed my efforts and I was promoted higher than I could really expect. I became a Deputy Managing Partner of the entire consortium and I felt that my dreams of making the world a better place were coming true.


After all, it's only natural for an investment-centered organization to have the biggest investment in its most valuable asset, i.e., the people that make everything happen. Here, in DKG you never work in vain. Once you stop being afraid of taking responsibility you can focus on the result. Never let your doubts or the doubts of others influence your decision. Remember, there are no impossible tasks, only missed opportunities. And most importantly, don't be afraid of making a mistake, if you are afraid you will never achieve anything. Working at Deep Knowledge Group has opened my eyes to a world that is full of opportunities, just waiting for me to take advantage.


Although such work demands a lot of energy, it gives back more than it takes. You may not be able to tolerate that, and it is obvious that some people simply require something a lot easier. When the next extremely hard taks comes up, I am occasionally even thrilled, but in the end, I always think: Let's give it a try. There is no justification for why it can't be done.

Deputy Managing Partner

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