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Ihor Kendiukhov

Common investment banks or hedge funds? Sure, you can make money, but then what? What would differentiate me from the majority, and what would motivate me, except for my wage?

Academic career? I love to do scientific research, and I publish academic papers from time to time. But soon, I realized that modern academia differs a lot from the romantic image of Victorian-style scientific endeavors I aspired to participate in. Besides that, if you do not want to spend all your money on food and flat rent, a purely academic career may not be the best choice.

Startups? They are challenging, motivating, and may require intensive usage of your intelligence, which is cool, but it is really, really hard to find a product that would be simultaneously interesting (especially in an existential sense) to develop and practically feasible to sell. For most of such products, you need at least tens of millions of initial funding.


And I am not even talking about more casual businesses and positions. I understand that my words may trigger someone, but I always regretted smart people doing something like generic consulting, development, SMM, finance, or project management. I feel like they are just trying to convince themselves that what they are doing is worth doing, and I bet that many of them would agree with me deep down that they would prefer to live a different life. Of course, if your product is cool (not just as a product, but also as a life goal), you will feel good when doing whatever is needed for it, but unfortunately, it is not the case for the vast majority of businesses.

Working in Deep Knowledge Group 


Luckily, working at Deep Knowledge Group solved all these problems at once. It is the only place I found where I could do everything I like (investment, science, deep tech startups, analytics, communication with exceptional people and global leaders, coordination of a team consisting of talented people) and not do anything I dislike (routine, meaningless activities, and working just for money).


My scope of activities and responsibilities only grew with time, and currently, it reflects basically everything that I potentially enjoy:

  • Data-driven and mathematically advanced investment, portfolio and risk management, asset pricing, trading, and financial engineering where one can apply quant finance toolset to the full

  • An extremely dynamic working environment in combat clash-style where you need to manage multiple teams of people and even entire companies consisting of financial analysts, developers, investment professionals, marketing managers, scientists, and many others, comprising more than 100 people

  • A lot of science and hardcore research related to biology, gerontology, economics, and engineering

  • AI is everywhere!

  • Working in the industries at the forefront of the advancement of humanity, making a real high-level contribution to the progress and well-being at a global scale, developing practical applications of the most novel and sophisticated technologies related to Longevity, Artificial Intelligence, SpaceTech, BioTech, and Healthcare

  • Launching nextgen financial products and vehicles

  • Full-fledged business administration, including analytics, marketing, business development, investor relations, product development, legal work, and more

  • Permanent process of the establishment of new startups and development of new products related mostly to big data analytics, BioTech, Finance, and AI technologies

  • Daily communication with extremely smart people, each of them being a top-tier expert in his or her domain, may it be biogerontology, pharma, investor relations, or financial derivatives trading

The Concentration of Extremely Intelligent People


It is by no means easy, and such a job requires a lot of energy, but it gives more than it takes. There is no guarantee that you can handle it, and it is clear that some people just need something quieter. And sometimes, I even may fear when the next ultra-complex project arrives, but ultimately, I always think: Okay, let’s give it a try. There is no reason why it must be impossible.

You can also participate in this. We always have jobs for exceptionally smart and ambitious people. If you feel you need a moonshot job, just message me, and let’s talk.

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