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Deep Knowledge Group, Academy of Sciences of Moldova mull creation of Tech Embassy in UK

June 30, 2022 – London, UK: Deep Knowledge Group, a London-based consortium of organizations active in DeepTech and frontier technologies, and The Academy of Sciences of Moldova have recently discussed the potential establishment of a Moldovan Tech Embassy in the UK.

The Academy of Sciences of Moldova is the highest scientific forum in the country, representing the national interest in science and innovation.

Longevity industry investor, entrepreneur and General Partner of Deep Knowledge Group Dmitry Kaminskiy has put forward the proposal during a meeting held recently between the two parties. Kaminsky recommended building a Tech Innovation Platform, which will lay the foundation for the creation of a Moldovan Tech Embassy in the UK as well as the establishment of an AI Society in Moldova.

Commenting on the potential of this initiative, Dmitry Kaminskiy, General Partner of Deep Knowledge Group said: “By building a Moldovan Tech Innovation Platform and creating a Moldovan Tech Embassy, we will be able to promote the development of Moldovan innovations and raise awareness about the country’s tech subsectors across developed countries such as the UK. This will help boost the growth of Moldovan public and private sector companies active in the realm of technology.”

A Tech Embassy is an effective way to spur collaboration between international firms and local operators in Moldova, including local universities and government agencies. Starting in London, a Moldovan Tech Embassy can introduce new tech companies to new markets and open up fresh opportunities.

“As part of the Moldovan Tech Embassy, we could also create a modern AI Society, giving Moldovan people and companies another platform to communicate and exchange knowledge and experience in AI,” Dmitry added.

If implemented, the proposal may greatly benefit investment institutions, funds and banks, family offices, public entities, private companies, research centers, universities, consulting firms, startup hubs, accelerators and technology vendors.

“Our goal is to bring immense value to local tech players while offering international investors and entrepreneurs a chance to explore AI and business potential in Moldova,” Dmitry concluded.

An initiative of this magnitude may result in valuable data-driven insights into emerging tech sectors within Moldova, investment advisory and actionable insights into primary and secondary markets, SWOT analysis of the most promising entities and technologies within the country, a clear view of opportunities and risks, identification of growth opportunities, including partnerships, technology deals and investment prospects, competitive intelligence, smart matching of B2B and B2G segments, as well as identification of patterns within industries and sub-industries for future development.

The Tech Innovation platform would comprise a dashboard providing major features including visualization of the tech ecosystem, data on various participants and their market presence, an investment and finance overview, interactive charts, graphs, mindmaps and automated matching tools, among others.

Citing the Tech Embassy of Netherlands as a successful case study, Dmitry highlighted how the Netherlands’ Innovation Attaché Network is creating valuable connections between Dutch enterprises and international companies in the US, Latin America and European. The network focuses on developments in tech, innovation and science policy, spotting the latest tech trends in AI, photonics and their applications, and matching companies, universities and government entities.

For instance, Holland in the Valley is a network of Dutch and American entrepreneurs, universities, and government bodies that connects the Netherlands with Silicon Valley. The objective of Holland in the Valley is to tap into the latest tech developments and strengthen ties between the Netherlands and the Bay Area.

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