Artificial Intelligence for Drug Discovery Landscape Overview

Q2 / 2018 Industry Analysis

Section I: AI for Drug Discovery Landscape Overview (Industry Developments Q2 2018), ‍

Section II: Novel Technologies & Trends (Industry Forecast 2019-2020), and Appendices (which feature profiles of 100 Companies, 220 Investors, 15 Biopharma, 15 IT/Tech Corporations, and 20 leading R&D Centres active in the AI for Drug Discovery space) totalling 400 pages in length, has been made available free of charge. Sections I delivers a summary of the most important recent industry events, including coverage of the most important BioPharma and IT/Tech corporations active in the space, government initiatives aiming to accelerate the dynamic of industry progress in the USA, UK, EU and Asia-Pacific region, industry-specific conferences and journalists, and a regional comparison of industry activity that summarizes which countries are currently at the forefront of activity, which ones are lagging behind, and which ones are showing evidence of rapidly increasing activity in the years to come. 


Section I: AISection II  provides in-depth coverage of the science and technology behind the industry, analysis of emerging subsectors and new application within the industry (including the convergence of AI with blockchain, digital medicine and Longevity technologies), and finally, a near-future forecast of industry growth and diversification from 2019 to 2020.

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