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Deep Knowledge Group’s General Partner on Investing in Longevity and Plans to Launch Longevity Investment Bank

Financial Times Article Profiles Longevity Investment Landscape, Highlighting Deep Knowledge Group’s Work Towards Longevity Capital Markets and Financial Derivatives


Deep Knowledge Group General Partner Dmitry Kaminskiy was featured in a new fDi Intelligence article: "Forever young? Biotech's next frontier: Investments into the longevity sector is stepping up, bolstered by the pandemic" by Seth O'Farrell, analyzing major trends and forecasts in the Longevity investing, private equity and capital market landscape, and describing the work being done by Deep Knowledge Group to de-risk Longevity investments, bridge the industry's liquidity gap, and pave the way towards Longevity stock exchanges and financial derivatives:

"Dmitry Kaminskiy, general partner at Deep Knowledge Group, aims to create longevity exchange-traded funds, and issue longevity derivative products in a bid to provide institutional investors with exposure to this growing part of the financial market. This can then be redeployed into additional research, creating a self-inducing cycle, he hopes.” 


The article, which appeared on February 12th 2021 in fDi Intelligence Magazine, a central part of the Intelligence portfolio on the investment products and services from the Financial Times, charts both the present state and near-future Longevity investment landscape, featuring quotes from several of the most well-known investors in the field, including Jim Mellon of Juvenescence and Sergey Young of Longevity Vision Fund.

The fDi Intelligence article also highlights the ways in which the Covid-19 pandemic is fueling a growth in BioTech and Longevity investments more generally, and features commentary on recent analytics produced by Deep Knowledge Group’s Longevity-focused analytical subsidiary, Aging Analytics Agency, alongside other sources of market research including Bank of America and McKinsey & Company:


“The pandemic has thrown a spotlight on the tremendous capabilities of biotech research combining biology with computing technology and artificial intelligence (AI), as well as the severe consequences of having an older immune system, in turn bolstering the case for the longevity industry. As we move into 2021, with vaccines and variants entering into a new race of their own, interest in disease prevention, living longer and extending one’s healthy years will only increase.”


"A recent McKinsey report published in January states the surge in data and analytics usage suggests that the biopharma industry has moved further digitally in the past 10 months than in the previous 10 years. According to figures compiled by the Aging Analytics Agency, Covid-19 has facilitated the development of not only the biotech capital markets, but the longevity sector in particular, resulting in more than 30% of growth of public companies compared to the previous year."


"Pre-pandemic, the theme of longevity was already getting picked up by investors. In 2019, the Bank of America issued a report stating that the technology is about to bring “unprecedented increases in quality and length of human lifespans”, predicting that the market would grow six-fold to roughly $600bn by 2025."


The main industry data presented in the fDi Intelligence article was prepared by Aging Analytics Agency, and was taken from the company’s newly released Longevity Investment Digest: Q1 2021, which summarizes key observations in the private equity and public markets ecosystem of the rapidly evolving Longevity industry. To be updated on a quarterly basis, the digest outlines major industry trends, biggest investment rounds, relevant R&D developments and key region and sector-specific take-aways for investors.


The data and analytics presented in the investment digest was derived from Aging Analytics Agency’s upcoming Longevity Investment Big Data Analytics Dashboard, currently scheduled for beta release in the coming months.


The dashboard uses 4,800,000+ data points to conduct comparative analytics, semi-automated SWOT analysis, sophisticated data visualization, empowered by AI-engine for benchmarking, smart-matching and predictive analytics on 20,000+ companies, 9,000+ investors and 300 publicly traded corporations having directly, or at least in some significant capacity, activities related to the Longevity industry.


The article also highlighted activities and forecasts on the emergence of Longevity-focused banks, as well as Deep Knowledge Group’s plans to establish the world's first Longevity Investment Bank and in the future even a specialised Longevity Stock Exchange:


“Mr. Kaminskiy’s ultimate goal is to apply for a banking license for a longevity bank, followed by the establishment of a longevity investment bank in the UK — and further down the line, a longevity stock exchange."


Deep Knowledge Ventures and Longevity.Capital provided the seed funding for Longevity Card, which they are treating as a vanguard project to explore the Longevity banking and FinTech market, to formulate and adjust region-specific strategy towards the goal of establishing a formal Longevity Bank in the UK and EU in 2022, which itself will serve as a kind of pilot project along the way to the eventual establishment of the world’s first Longevity Investment Bank in 2023, driven by the sophisticated investment Analytics of Aging Analytics Agency.


While Deep Knowledge Group has been on the forefront of forecasting developments in the Longevity Financial Industry, and the ways in which some of the world’s largest financial institutions, banks, pension funds and insurance companies are on-boarding the topic of Longevity (having first coined the term “Longevity Financial Industry” in 2019), the sector’s growing role in the larger Global Longevity Industry investment landscape has been comparatively underrepresented in the media, and it is nice to see this specific topic beginning to receive more direct coverage in mainstream media.


The emergence and ongoing development of the Longevity Financial Industry received its first comprehensive and tangible description, analysis and forecasting in Aging Analytics Agency’s 2019 special case study “Advancing Financial Industry: Longevity / AgeTech / WealthTech”, and more recently in Dmitry Kaminskiy’s 2020 book “Longevity Industry 1.0: Defining the Biggest and Most Complex Industry in Human History”, which dedicated an entire section (Part III - The Longevity Financial Industry), roughly 100 pages in length, to this topic.


In that book, Kaminskiy distilled the complex assembly of deep market intelligence and industry knowledge that Deep Knowledge Group and its Longevity-focused subsidiaries Longevity.Capital and Aging Analytics Agency have developed into a full-scope understanding of the global Longevity Industry, showing the public how the consortium managed to define the overwhelmingly complex and multidimensional Longevity Industry for the first time, and how they created tangible framework for its systematization and forecasting.


However, Deep Knowledge Group’s commitment to share the insights that they developed over the last 5 years with other industry stakeholders, in order to promote overall industry harmonization and optimization, does not stop with the publication of that book.


Kaminskiy is already working on its sequel (‘Longevity Industry 2.0: DeepTech Engineering the Accelerated Trajectory of Human Longevity - The Blueprint and Pathway from 1.0 to 2.0’, scheduled for publication in Q3 2021), which charts Deep Knowledge Group’s ongoing work towards the emergence of Longevity Industry 2.0, outlining several issues (and proposed solutions) that constitute the foremost bottlenecks and risks to a continuing, positive trajectory of development in Longevity science, policy, technology, finance and investment, and presenting a preliminary preview of the frameworks they are developing to help strategic decision makers, industry participants and the general public take greater control over the actual, real-world development of both the Longevity Industry and Healthy Human Longevity.


Since the publication of Kaminskiy’s first book in Q3 2020, activities and developments within the emerging Longevity Financial Industry have only accelerated and intensified - so much so that he is also working on the production of an entirely separate book dedicated to this topic, scheduled for publication in Q2 2021.


However, readers keen on obtaining a preview of the content slated for that book prior to its publication are encouraged to review two keynote presentations made by Kaminskiy during 2020 at Congresso Brasileiro da Previdência Complementar Fechada (41CBPP), a top-tier Latin America Pension Funds conference among such experts as the CEO of BlackRock Brasil, the Brasilian Special Secretary for Social Security, and others, and at a private conference held by the Swiss multinational investment bank UBS on the topic of “Investing in Longevity: Health as New Wealth. Hype vs Reality. Science, Technology, Medicine. Investment and De-Risking Strategies”.


The fDi Intelligence article closes on a positive and future-facing note, highlighting the increasing speed with which activities in the Longevity Investment landscape are heating up and intensifying, even to such an extent that both the realities and potentials of the landscape today seem truly remarkable even to some of the earliest proponents of Longevity Industrialization, such as Aubrey de Grey.


The author, Seth O'Farrell, concludes the article thusly:

“An investment bank and a full-blown capital market are a world away from what Aubrey de Grey thought possible when he started campaigning for a ‘post-ageing world’, encouraged by what he describes as “all the bricks in the wall”, from regulatory advances to capital investments.”


About Deep Knowledge Group
Deep Knowledge Group is an international consortium of commercial and non-profit organizations focused on the synergetic convergence of DeepTech and Frontier Technologies (AI, Longevity, MedTech, FinTech, GovTech), applying progressive data-driven Invest-Tech solutions with a long-term strategic focus on AI in Healthcare, Longevity and Precision Health, and aiming to achieve positive impact through the support of progressive technologies for the benefit of humanity via scientific research, investment, entrepreneurship, analytics, and philanthropy.

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