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DKG General Partner Dmitry Kaminskiy in MIT Technology Review
Arab Edition
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Fortune Arabia:
Data science has become the Google
of investment decisions
Data science has become the Google of investment decisions-1.png
DKG General Partner Dmitry Kaminskiy in
Gulf News Print Edition
(Friday, March 3, 2023)
Fortune Arabia:
Seniors are the wealthiest age group in the world
DKG General Partner
Dmitry Kaminskiy in
Entrepreneur Magazine Arabia
A globally pervasive culture of innovation is displacing Silicon Valley.png
Fortune Arabia: Investment landscape
set to undergo transformative
shifts in 2023

Op-Eds, Articles and Features

National TV and Broadcast News Coverage

Kate Batz
(FemTech Analytics)
on CNBC Arabia
Baha Hamadi
(DKG Dubai Office)
on CNBC Arabia
Alex Crev
(Deep Knowledge Analytics)
on CNBC Arabia
DKG Profiled by Saudi Arabia
Ministry of Information
Center for Government Communication
Baha Hamadi
(DKG Dubai Office)
Emirates News
Deep Knowledge Group Dubai
Covid City Ranking
on CNN

Op-Eds, Articles and Features

DKG Head of Dubai Office
Baha Hamadi
in CNN Arabic
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Baha Hamadi
in World Economic Forum (WEF)
Agenda Blog
How to stop talking and start taking action on CSR.png
Head of DKG Dubai Branch
Baha Hamadi
in The National
How blockchain can fix the Middle East_s socio-economic problems.png
Head of DKG Dubai Branch
Baha Hamadi
in Entrepreneur Middle East
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DKG Head of Dubai Office
Baha Hamadi
in Harvard Business Review Arabia
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DKG Head of Dubai Office
Baha Hamadi
in CNN Arabic
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Gulf News: Concept of Silicon Valley is no longer tied to any geography
(Dmitry Kaminskiy)
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Gulf News: An always-on Internet of Things forces us into a rethink of our digital identity (Baha Hamadi)
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Gulf News: Data science can be such a force for change - but do not fall for all of the hype (Dmitry Kaminskiy)
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Arab World and Gulf Region Media Coverage

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Data science has become the Google of investment decisions

Data science is currently very subjective, pushing us to rethink the answers that various data science approaches produce, and ultimately enabling us to refine solutions that can help us generate better insights from data.

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Dubai ranked 11th most popular city globally for residence-by-investment programmes

"The UAE has been praised for its coronavirus response. A survey by the Deep Knowledge Group, a consortium of technology companies and non-profit organisations, last month ranked the Emirates as 11th on the list in its responses to the pandemic."


Age is just a number – and that number is $33trn

“The longevity sector has the potential to deliver substantial ROIs while providing tangible benefits for humanity more than any other industry in history.” “Progress in longevity is no longer a question of advances in sciences and biomedicine". Anastasia Lit believes growing old will be a positive opportunity rather than a “sickness”.

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In the year of the fiftieth, Abu Dhabi's healthcare sector tops global rankings

Deep Knowledge Group ranked the global countries on the basis of government efficiency, the efficiency of the quarantine system, healthcare managementduring COVID-19 and Abu Dhabi secured rank-1 as it has locally manufactured over 300,000 COVID-19 DNA extraction solution samples and increased testing capacity to more than 500,000 tests per day.

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Abu Dhabi has ranked number one for the city’s response to the COVID-19, according to new research. Per London-based analytics consortium, the Deep Knowledge Group (DKG), the top 25 cities were outlined in their response to the pandemic.

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"A new comparative analysis of Top 30 leading countries was published by the Deep Knowledge Group on Thursday based on a number of "big data" metrics. The group introduced a tool based on its “COVID-19 Regional Safety Assessment” in the form of a summary case study on the leading countries."

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"For the healthcare sector, it has been a period of intense pressure – one that has had short and long terms consequences for how we deliver care and further evolve. Thankfully, with the support of the nation’s leadership, Abu Dhabi and the UAE have delivered robustly, with international observers like the Deep Knowledge Group ranking the UAE 11th globally for its response."

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"The Kingdom ranked 17th among the safest countries in the world for coronavirus, according to the report prepared by Deep Knowledge Group. The regional assessment report is based on 130 quantitative and qualitative parameters and over 11,400 data points in categories like quarantine efficiency, monitoring and detection, health readiness, and government efficiency."

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From age-friendly cities, how about creating ‘longevity valleys’?

While longevity is an emerging industry globally and relatively new to the MENA region, it is expected to be the largest of all time. Longevity is focused on healthy ageing, comprising technologies and software that aim to improve the health and lifespan of people.

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How a foodtech accelerator can support the GCC’s food security goals

While the GCC is considered food-secure, the region should still address challenges related to food security such as regional instability, global conflicts, water scarcity and climate change.


The FemTech sector: challenges for the coming years

Baha Hamadi, Vice President of Communications, spoke to CNBC Arabia on FemTech and Longevity, how the convergence of the knowledge economy and technology support GDP growth, and the expected economic impact of relatively new sectors in the UAE and MENA such as Longevity.

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A game-changing, innovative solution

With the onset of COVID-19, the healthcare system realized the importance of data-driven decisions in allowing them to appropriately prepare to cope with global pandemics, such as COVID-19. The Deep Knowledge Group ranked UAE as the nation with the highest rate of vaccinated citizens, and Abu Dhabi as the top global city with a successful response to the pandemic.

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"Several countries that host (investment migration options) programmes rank highly on indexes such as the 2020 Global Peace Index (GPI), which measures the level of peacefulness in 163 states; the World Bank’s 2020 Ease of Doing Business ranking of 190 economies; and Deep Knowledge Analytics’ updated Covid-19 Regional Safety Assessment rank of 250 countries, regions and territories released in August."

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"Saudi Arabia has been ranked 17th among the top 20 safest countries in the world during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a regional safety assessment analysis conducted by Hong Kong-based consortium, Deep Knowledge Group."

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"The UAE is among the safest countries worldwide for Covid-19, according to a comprehensive report released this week. The Deep Knowledge Group has produced a 250-page dossier in which it assesses and ranks 100 countries according to their response to the pandemic."

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"The UAE is among the top countries in the world for its coronavirus response, a global ranking shows. A survey by the Deep Knowledge Group, a consortium of technology companies and non-profit organisations, considered dozens of factors for each country to compile the list."

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The inevitable rise of DeepTech as a new asset class

At Deep Knowledge Group we have been working on developing and deploying solutions such as Longevity, FinTech, SpaceTech, HealthTech, GovTech, InvestTech. We have established a specific subsidiary – Advanced InvestTech Solutions – focused on designing new investment technologies and financial products.

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UAE rated among top 10 countries by millionaires seeking health security

The UAE’s investment migration programme has been rated the best in the Middle East and the Arab world and among the top 10 globally by the millionaires seeking health security, according to Deep Knowledge Analytics and Henley & Partners' new research.

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Abu Dhabi life science mission to cement collaboration with the USA

A high-profile Abu Dhabi health delegation will be visiting the United States of America this month to explore prospects of joint collaboration within the framework of healthcare at large and life science in specific. The visit is expected to see meetings and groundbreaking agreement signings with leading partners to explore

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Deep Knowledge Group (DKG), a London-based analytical institute specialising in advanced analytics, has revealed in a new study that Abu Dhabi has come out top in the group's rankings as the safest city in the world thanks to its response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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"The rankings, by the Deep Knowledge Group, are not only based on how many COVID-19 infections or deaths there have been in each country. Rather, it is a complex series of assessments on multiple medical, economic and political factors."

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"In June, Saudi Arabia was ranked among the top 20 safest countries in the world during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, according to a comprehensive data analysis by Hong Kong-based Deep Knowledge Group. The Kingdom came in 17th place in Deep Knowledge’s COVID-19 Safety Assessment."

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"The Government Communication Center - via Twitter - explained that the report of the DEEP KNOWLEDGE GROUP included 200 countries. The Kingdom ranked 17th in the first category, which includes 20 countries, ahead of major countries, including the G20."

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“Emma Brodina, Deputy Managing Partner of Deep Knowledge Group, speaks about the longevity sector and how it is using data analytics and tech to address growing concerns about ageing."

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Panel Discussion with
DKG Head of Investor Relations Talgat Takiyev
at the 2022 Arab British Economic Summit
Keynote Talk on DKG GCC Activities
by Talgat Takiyev at the 2022 Arab British
Economic Summit
Panel Discussion with Head of DKG Dubai Office Baha Hamadi for Dubai AI conference moderated by Kirill Bryanov, Policy Editor at CoinTelegraph
Keynote Address by Head of DKG Dubai Office Baha Hamadi for the 2022 MENA Effie Thought Leadership Conference 
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