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Deep Knowledge Group Announces Strategic Support of Landmark AI for Longevity Summit at King’s College London

October 25, 2019, London, UK: Deep Knowledge Group announces its strategic support of a conference on the topic of Longevity for the first time since the Big Data Science in Medicine Conference at Oxford University in 2014, and will be unveiling the cumulative knowledge it has aggregated, systematized and refined over the past 5 years on the nexus of Artificial Intelligence, Longevity, Health and Wealth to a select group of attendees.


Switzerland: Hub of a new ‘Longevity Valley’?

Aging Analytics Agency special case study reveals how Switzerland could become the new European Longevity hotspot.

According to our friends the Aging Analytics Agency, Switzerland may be the next leader in Longevity and an important part of creating a fourth industrial revolution. A revolution in human Longevity will transform the growing aging population from a possible ‘silver tsunami’ threat into an opportunity.

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Deep Knowledge Ventures Flagship Portfolio Company
Insilico Medicine Closes Major $37 Million Series B Round

Insilico Medicine has successfully closed its $37 million Series B funding round led by Qiming Venture Partners and joined by Eight Roads, F-Prime Capital, Lilly Asia Ventures, Sinovation Ventures, Baidu Ventures, Pavilion Capital, Bold Capital Partners, Longevity Vision Fund, Juvenescence, and Michel Antonov

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Pharma’s AlphaGo Moment: For the First Time Artificial Intelligence Has Designed a New Drug in 21 Days

For the First Time, Artificial Intelligence Has Designed and Validated a New Drug in Days


Artificial intelligence gets a seat in the boardroom

Hong Kong venture capitalist sees AI running Asian companies within 5 years

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ESG Frontiers: Artificial intelligence: The rise of the responsible robots

Far from the evil cyborgs of science fiction, AI is emerging as a sustainable investment theme

Government Longevity National Developmen

Aging Analytics Agency Releases Global Overview of Government-Led Longevity Development Initiatives

Aging Analytics Agency has published a new, 315-page open-access report “National Longevity Development Plans: Global Overview 2019 (First Edition)”, which delivers a comprehensive international overview of the projects, initiatives, and efforts that different countries are making in order to combat the issues associated with Ageing Population. 

MIT School of Engineering first quarter 2019 awards

Every quarter, the School of Engineering publicly recognizes their achievements by highlighting the honors, prizes, and medals won by faculty working in our academic departments, labs, and centers. 

Regina Barzilay, Manolis Kellis, Tommi Jaakola and Peter Szolovits were named among “Top 100 AI Leaders in Drug Discovery and Advanced Healthcare” by Deep Knowledge Analytics on Feb. 1.

MIT acknowledged AI ranking made by Deep Knowledge Analytics.

This week four CSAIL faculty were named among the top 100 global leaders in artificial intelligence for health, according to a new report developed by a top technology think-tank.

Deep Knowledge Analytics’s “Top 100 AI Leaders in Drug Discovery and Advanced Healthcare”.

The 100 Leading Pioneers

Of AI Drug Development

Deep Knowledge Analytics picked the 'Top 100 AI Leaders in Drug Discovery and Advanced Healthcare’ out of an initial pool of 500 outstanding candidates. Unless a new AI winter wind blows and sweeps over the science explorers, their work is quite likely to enhance the quality of life surpassing the most vivid science fiction imagination.

An Insight Of AI's Penetration In Drug Development Market

A recent article about AI-based drug development, indicates the progressive use of A.I. technologies for the drug production industry, mining the huge amount of data collected from the pharmaceutical companies’ data centers. Thanks to Deep Knowledge Ventures which a couple of days ago updated their research data, we took the opportunity to delve into the latest developments of this market.

Presentation in the House of Lords

Dmitry Kaminskiy Presents Landmark “AI in UK Industry Report” in the House of Lords of UK Parliament alongside Lord Clement-Jones and Birgitte Andersen.

The lucrative business

of living longer

Our report "Longevity Industry in UK. Landscape Overviiew 2018" was mentioned by Financial Times in a huge article about Longevity


AI industry in the UK Q3/2018     

A major report by Big Innovation Centre and Deep Knowledge Analytics places the UK in the third spot in the global rankings for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and it foresees it excelling in specific subsectors and areas in the coming years.


Dmitry Kaminskiy Delivers Keynote Presentation at the 2018 Association of Future Markets Conference in London

On September 12, 2018, Dmitry Kaminskiy delivered a keynote presentation at AFM 2018, one of the leading FinTech conferences for professional incumbents and leading players of the financial industry in the UK, organized by the Association of Future Markets and GMEX Group.

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London, 24 August 2018 – Big Innovation Centre and DeepKnowledge Analytics form strategic partnership to produce regular landscapeoverviews of UK Innovation Ecosystem and DeepTech industries.


Deep Knowledge Ventures Salutes Insilico Medicine on Close of Latest Financing Round

Monday, June 11, Hong Kong: Deep Knowledge Ventures salutes its portfolio company Insilico Medicine on the close of its latest round of financing, led by WuXi AppTec’s Corporate Venture Fund, with contributions from Pavilion Capital, BOLD Capital and Juvenescence Limited.


BGRF trustees present at Financial Times and The Economist Longevity Conferences

Monday, November 27, 2017, London, UK: Biogerontology Research FoundationTrustee Dmitry Kaminskiy and Chief Science Officer Alex Zhavoronkov spoke at the Aging and Longevity Panel at the Financial Times Global Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Conference on November 10th, 2017, alongside Aubrey de Grey, Chief Science Officer of SENS Research Foundation, and Joseph Antoun, Chairman of the Global Healthspan Policy Institute.


"Financial Inclusion Developing World" Analytical Report

Deep Knowledge Analytics produced a 125-page report which provides a detailed overview of “Financial Inclusion” initiatives as an industry, as well as major trends and classification of the core technologies enabling the provision of financial services to the 2 Billion unbanked


Groundbreaking 650 page Analytical Report “The Business of Longevity”

Groundbreaking 650 page Analytical Report “The Business of Longevity” Outlines Vast Longevity Industry Within One United Framework


“HealthTech Mobile Apps Industry” Analytical Report

Deep Knowledge Analytics produced analytical report that provides an overview of the markets, technologies, companies, investors, trends, key drivers, challenges and opportunities in the HealthTech Mobile Applications industry and gives an insight into the competitive landscape of the industry and how it shapes the world. 


AI & Blockchain for Healthy Longevity

Longevity United is establishing a joint venture with Eterly Inc. to deliver a Longevity-focused mass market consumer-oriented Mobile app and ecosystem, and today announces the launch of its token sale (ICO) to raise $15m of funds to complete construction of this advanced technological ecosystem.


Longevity industry systematized for first time

UK aging research foundation produces roadmap for the emerging longevity industry in a series of reports to be published throughout the year