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Our event hopes to bring together leaders, founders, visionaries, and organizations who drive real social change using frontier technologies in developing countries around the World. Furthermore, this event will act as a bridge to bring together world-renowned founders, innovators, thought leaders, startups, and companies creating tangible social impact in developing countries. We will also create live panel sessions and Q&A to facilitate networking and interactions to ensure we can learn more about how we can build a better future using technology and DeepTech.


Deep Knowledge Group (DKG) and the Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park (SRTIP) have recently co-hosted a TechTalk to reveal their jointly-produced Life Sciences in the UAE report. 


The event saw Anastasia Lit, Director of Investor Relations, Europe & MENA, Deep Knowledge Group discuss key developments in the Life Sciences industry, highlighting the emerging Longevity Industry and its focus on healthy ageing.