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Longevity.Network is the world's premier Longevity-focused events brand, founded and sponsored by Longevity Financial Club, DeepTech and Longevity Industry Financial Advisors, Deep Knowledge Group and their associates. Formally established in 2021, Longevity.Network has hosted more than 10 key events since its inauguration across London, Geneva and Zurich, and in such prestigious venues as the UK House of Lords, the Oxford and Cambridge Club and London’s landmark Shard building. It builds upon and inherits the assets and expertise behind the 50+ conferences previously organized, hosted and sponsored by Deep Knowledge Group and its consortium of subsidiaries and affiliates.

Subscribe for updates on our future events via the contact form at the bottom of this page, and joint our growing community at Longevity.International, a first-of-its-kind, open-access non-profit decentralized Longevity Industry Knowledge and Collaboration platform developed over several years and formally launched in 2021 with the aim of promoting a greater degree of synergy, efficient cooperation, and discussion among a variety of Longevity Industry participants and stakeholders, including companies, investors, non-profits, academic labs and R&D hubs, governmental bodies and policy makers.




Longevity Financial Club's 2022 Longevity Christmas Reception in the UK House of Lords brought together over 130 guests, including government officials and representatives of economic organisations, embassies, investors and thought-leaders across technology, investment and governance. At the reception Deep Knowledge Group Executives and Partners shared highlights of major developments of 2022, upcoming plans for 2023, and key strategic insights for decision makers within the sectors that they are most active within, at the intersection of DeepTech, Longevity, Data Science and InvestTech.

2nd Arab British Economic Summit 2022 - 2 logos (1).png

During the Summit, our Head of Investor Relations Talgat Takiyev will be sharing an overview of our existing partnership with Sharjah Research Technology & Innovation Park (SRTIP), including the recent launch of the world’s largest ‘healthy ageing’ database, our online conference that we have organized with the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention and the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi, and the Life Sciences in the UAE report that we have launched in collaboration with SRTIP.

GovTech 13th October - Dmitry Kaminskiy.png

On October 13th, 2022, Deep Knowledge Group unveiled 5 first-of-their-kind GovTech and DeepTech Big Data Analytics Dashboards, including Global GovTech, UK Digital Ecosystem, GovTech in UK, Global Longevity Governance and Longevity Governance in the UK, at the landmark GovTech Global 2022 conference in London, UK among leading GovTech companies and top government officials from UK Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation and more.

AssistiveTech in the UK (1920x1080) 15 (1).png

On 4 October 2022,I had the pleasure of hosting the official launch event and revealing key findings of the new ‘AssistiveTech in the UK’ interactive report, developed by ATLAS (Assistive Technology, Longevity and Ageing Society) with the support ofAging Analytics Agency and Deep Knowledge Philanthropy. The event was held in the UK Parliament at the historic House of Lords. 

Longevity FinTech and InvestTech (1920x1080).png

On July 21, 2022, Longevity Financial Club hosted their second official invitation-only event for investment and financial industry professionals on the topic of Longevity FinTech and InvestTech in the Sky Lounge of London's landmark Shard building. 

The event featured presentations and a panel discussion by Longevity financial professionals, focused on challenges and opportunities for investors and startups in DeepTech and Longevity private markets with a particular focus on the Liquidity Gap which is currently hindering the accelerated development of these industries. They also spoke about potential solutions with a particular focus on the UK.


Launched at the Oxford and Cambridge Club at 71 Pall Mall, London, UK on June 21st 2022, the London Longevity Financial Club was created with the support of Longevity Financial Advisors to fill the unmet need and provide a forum for financial industry professionals to discuss all the latest trends in the Longevity Financial Industry — a multi-trillion sector with massive untapped potential.


Several Deep Knowledge Group partners and executives participated in key events in Europe from May 25th - June 3rd, 2022, including the Davos Longevity Investment Forum during the 2022 World Economic Forum in Switzerland and the Ecosystems 2030 conference in Spain. Deep Knowledge Group Founder and General Partner Dmitry Kaminskiy delivered two keynote addresses on the topics of Longevity, DeepTech, Artificial Intelligence and their intersection at the coming inflection point of the 5th Industrial Revolution.

DeepTech for Social Good (1920x1080) 3.png

Our event hopes to bring together leaders, founders, visionaries, and organizations who drive real social change using frontier technologies in developing countries around the World. Furthermore, this event will act as a bridge to bring together world-renowned founders, innovators, thought leaders, startups, and companies creating tangible social impact in developing countries. We will also create live panel sessions and Q&A to facilitate networking and interactions to ensure we can learn more about how we can build a better future using technology and DeepTech.


Deep Knowledge Group (DKG) and the Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park (SRTIP) have recently co-hosted a TechTalk to reveal their jointly-produced Life Sciences in the UAE report. 


The event saw Anastasia Lit, Director of Investor Relations, Europe & MENA, Deep Knowledge Group discuss key developments in the Life Sciences industry, highlighting the emerging Longevity Industry and its focus on healthy ageing.

Screenshot (664) - Copy - Copy.png

As the FDA continues to deny aging as an indication with a lack of robust surrogate biomarkers for aging and the high cost of running trials that measure lifespan in humans, now is the time for leaders in the longevity community to unite and tackle the field’s toughest challenges. The 4th Longevity Therapeutics Summit is your one-stop forum to fast-track the development of anti-aging drugs aiming to enhance the healthspan, whilst uncovering the key R&D challenges limiting the development of these therapies. Join 100+ pioneers from Deep Longevity, Insilico Medicine, Elevian and Rubedo Life Sciences and deep-dive into presentations covering cellular senescence, telomere attrition, loss of proteostasis, stem cell exhaustion, stem cell, mitochondria, and more.

Building a sustainable future through FoodTech (1920x1080).png

"Building a Sustainable Future Through FoodTech" is our next highly anticipated virtual event. We will review today’s FoodTech landscape and its practical application of innovations for sustainable sourcing, production and distribution of food. 

This event will bring together world renowned founders, innovators, thoughtleaders, startups and companies disrupting the FoodTech Sector for social good. From accomplished speakers presenting their best sustainable tech, to a live panel and Q&A, join us for an interactive and thought provoking event to really delve into the latest trends building a sustainable future through FoodTech.

InvestTech Innovations (1920x1080) (2).png

InvestTech Innovations is a new quarterly conference for prominent industry figures to review and discuss the latest trends in private equity markets.

Join key players on May 31st 2022 at 4pm GMT+1 and on June 1st 2022 at 4pm GMT+1.

This exclusive virtual event will be your opportunity to:

  • Explore the latest cutting-edge InvestTech solutions

  • Learn about the emerging multi-trillion-dollar DeepTech and Longevity Industries

  • Access our online breakout area to network with peers 

  • Generate your own targeted potential financial leads

Attendance is via registration, limited on a first-come-first-serve basis. Register now and stay ahead with our regular updates about the event. 

Health is The New Wealth (1920x1080).png

Since the beginning of time, humans have been keen on living healthier, wealthier and longer lives. The Longevity industry is built on this principle.

This event is co-hosted with the Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park to provide a comprehensive overview of the impact of investing in longevity, its overall relevance, and the landscape of longevity industries. 


​Date: April 20, 2022
Time: 8:30 PM UAE time
Location: Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park (

AI in Drug Discovery, Biomarker Development and Advanced RD (1920x1080) (1).png

The primary goal of this webinar was to give a complete picture of the industry environment in terms of AI usage in drug discovery, clinical research, and other elements of pharmaceutical research and development.


This comprehensive overview presented trends and insights in the form of mindmaps and infographics, and benchmarked the performance of key players who shape the industry's space and relationships. This webinar was designed to guide you through what is going on in this industry right now and potentially predict what will happen next.

The Emerging Longevity Industry - A UAE Perspective (1920x1080) (3).png

To refine and elevate the discourse on Longevity (healthy ageing), DKG conducted an online event, The Emerging Longevity Industry — A UAE Perspective, in association with Sharjah Research Technology & Innovation Park (SRTIP) on Feb. 14, 2022. In the UAE, the Longevity sector is expected to hit $23 billion in 2026, growing at a CAGR of 3%.

This event was graced by some of the well-known personalities of the UAE, including H.E. Dr Amin Al Amiri, Undersecretary for the Health Regulation Sector at UAE Ministry of Health and H.E. Hussain AlMahmoudi, CEO of Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park (SRTIP). 

Facebook 1920x1080 (2).png

“The State of FemTech 2021-2022: Industry Review and Outlook” was a free virtual event combining speaker’s talks and the panel discussion on what to expect in women’s health and FemTech in 2022.

During the conference, each panelist conducted a 10 minute talk followed by a joint panel discussion from the moderator and the audience.

Impact Investments (1920x1080).png

Deep Knowledge Group hosted free virtual event “Global Impact Investing: Success stories from across the world is confirmed”, which brings together industry leaders and influencers in the subject of impact investing. Our speakers shared valuable insights on their investing strategies and social activities with an emphasis on global impact.

In 2020, the market size of impact investing was USD 715 billion. It is projected to reach a size of USD 791.2 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 17.6%.

AI main page.png

On behalf of Big Innovation Centre and Deep Knowledge Analytics, we would like to invite you to the official Press Launch of our major analysis and report, ‘AI Industry in the UK Landscape Overview 2021'.  It is a new version of our previous analysis and report published in dialogue with the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence (APPG AI) in 2018 which contained the first comprehensive mapping of the UK AI landscape. 

Landscape of Cancer Vaccines and Research Platforms (Facebook).png

Deep Pharma Intelligence held a virtual event (November 23), which was a unique opportunity share our findings from a unique market study revealing R&D platforms for developing therapeutic cancer vaccines, the key players in each category, the science behind the development, and case studies illustrating opportunities and challenges of each research strategy. 

We presented our categorization of the 5 platforms — including relatively mainstream strategies — Neoantigen Platform, Tumor-associated Antigens Platform, Cellular Platform, and Oncolytic Viruses Platform,  Antigenic Essence Platform. 

The Rise of Advanced Technologies in the Pharmaceutical Industry 1920x1080 (2)-min.png

Deep Pharma Intelligence hosted a 3-day virtual event (November 15-17), which was a unique opportunity to learn insights and case studies from two major proprietary analytical reports by the company: “Landscape of Advanced Technology Companies in the Pharmaceutical Industry”, and “AI for Drug Discovery, Biomarker Development, and Advanced R&D Landscape”.  

Biomarkers of Human Longevity Conference (1920х1080).webp

Biomarkers of Human Longevity: State of the Market and Diversity of Practical Applications Q4 2021 was a 2-day virtual conference featuring talks and panel discussions among industry leaders, companies, investors and practitioners in the rapidly growing domain of Biomarkers of Human Longevity.

The event was free-of-charge to attend, and provided a stat-of-the-market overview and key company and investor take-aways for Q4 2021, highlighting key industry trends, challenges, opportunities and recent developments, and explore the rapidly growing diversity of market-ready, practical applications within the industry.

The Technology Revolution of FoodTech Industry 1920x1080 (3)-min.png

On "The Technology Revolution of FoodTech Industry" webinar influencers and main experts of the FoodTech industry shared their insights and researches of emerging trends and application of modern technologies in the industry. 

During this open-access event, global experts of the FoodTech industry discussed new horizons of the market. The FoodTech Industry was developing rapidly and includes more than 5,000 startups globally.

The Future of Space Medicine (1920x1080).png

The Future of Space Medicine was carried out in an online format. Understanding of new technologies emerging for space medicine will become ever-more important with the soon-to-come plunging of launch prices, enabling thousands of people, many not necessarily in the best of physical health, to visit space in the near future. With that much activity, the chances of accidents will vastly increase, and many of them will need to be dealt with in space, because waiting for an ambulance to get back to Earth may be too late. 

GovTech Development During COVID-19 (1920x1080) 11 (2).webp

"GovTech Development During COVID-19: How Technologies Have Helped’ was a virtual conference dedicated to coverage of the most effective E-government and GovTech solutions, implemented during the COVID-19 period. 

The event brought together policy-makers, government officials and field experts all over the world to share their experiences and insights learnt from the pandemic.

Femtech Conference 1920x1080.webp

FemTech Advancing Women's Wellness and Lifespan was a virtual conference which had two panels, 13 speakers, over 220 registrants and 100+ attendees who are FemTech founders & CEOs, investors, physicians, scientists, influencers and other key players.

The event was focused on the impact of technologies on women’s health and lifespan and how FemTech contributes to women’s Longevity in general. 

Staying Healthy in Space (1920x1080) (1).png

Staying Healthy in Space was a virtual conference in which speakers from the space-medical community discussed the opportunities and challenges presented by the coming rapid growth in the number of humans working, playing, and perhaps even living in space – as a key part of expanding human presence in space and in generating economic benefit both off-planet and terrestrial, from space activities. Speakers addressed the issues, potential solutions to them, and identify areas of necessary research to better understand both the issues and best solutions.

Femtech Conference 1920x1080 (1)-min.webp

The virtual conference "FemTech Industry Landscape 2021: Discovering New Horizons" held on July 29, 2021, where professionals from FemTech Analytics and invited guest speakers who are Founders & CEO of FemTech companies and start-ups, Healthcare Innovators, Investors and Hubs, Women Influencers and Enthusiasts shared insights, findings and personal experience about new possibilities and cutting-edge technologies in fast developing FemTech market.

All Speakers Banner V2.png

“Longevity.International presents: Biomarkers Of Human Longevity” was a virtual 1-day conference that took place June 30, 2021 featuring presentations from a variety of companies, key players and thought-leaders active within the Biomarkers of Human Aging and Longevity Industry.

​The event explored the present state of the industry, as well as key strategic challenges and opportunities for translating the potentials of Biomarkers of Human Longevity from theory into practice.

Screenshot 2021-06-07 at 22.41.47.png

"Practical Applications of Mitochondria Research for Human Longevity and Space Medicine" was a virtual conference that took place June 9-10, 2021, where professionals from Aging Analytics Agency and guest speakers who are Practical Longevity Experts, Space Medicine Experts and Women Influencers shared insights, findings and personal experiences about the Role of Mitochondria in The Practical Human Longevity and Scientific Approaches to Women For Extending Reproductive Longevity.

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The newest computational approach to drug repositioning showing the greatest promise is AI and machine learning. With a drug-repurposing strategy, AI can quickly detect drugs that can fight against emerging diseases (such as Covid-19) as well as existing diseases.

The AI Driven Drug Repositioning & Repurposing Summit brought together 80+ leaders in repurposing and pioneers in A.


Episode 1 of the new series Practical Human Longevity focused on market-ready technologies and approaches for Intermittent Hypoxia, Hyperoxia and their relation to Mitochondrial Aging and Healthy Human Longevity. Dmitry Kaminskiy and Arkadii Prokopov considered the pros and cons of different approaches within this general paradigm during their discussion. They showcased the tangible results on health and performance that Dmitry has experienced since beginning to integrate these technologies into his daily Personal Longevity Regime, followed by a keynote lecture on the tangible links between intermittent hypoxia and hyperoxia and human aging and Longevity.

AI-driven webinar (2).jpeg

Webinar held on April 13, 2021. Analysts from Deep Pharma Intelligence and guest speakers shared insights and findings about trends and application use cases of artificial intelligence (AI) in the pharmaceutical research, biotech, and healthcare tech, focused specifically on tackling the coronavirus pandemics.

The event featured a summary of key players, technologies and trends, including R&D and business aspects, as well as investment trends on the cross-roads of AI and COVID-19 therapeutics and tools.

0 (common) (1).png

Webinar held on March 3, 2021. It presented key findings and insights from Deep Pharma Intelligence AI in the Pharma Investment Digest.

​The event provided a summary of key players, trends in the private equity and venture capital ecosystem, with a focus on the growing maturity of the AI market in Pharma, and key takeaways for investors in 2021.

DPI AI in Pharma Webinar.png

Day 1 (Top AI in Pharma Deals, Trends & Partnerships 2020-Q1 2021) featured presentations and a roundtable discussion on the biggest deals, partnerships, collaborations, and industry events in the AI in Pharma sector from 2020 - 2021.

Day 2 (Investment and M&A Deals: AI in Pharma Market 2021) featured talks and a panel discussion on key players, trends in the private equity and venture capital ecosystem, focusing on the increasing market maturation of AI in Pharma, and key take-aways for investors in 2021.

0 (common) (2).png

Webinar held on March 2, 2021. It presented key findings and take-aways from Deep Pharma Intelligence's newest special analytical case study.
The event provided a discussion of the biggest deals, partnerships, collaborations, and industry events in the AI in Pharma sector from 2020-2021.

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The AI-ML: Drug Discovery Summit is the industry’s definitive guide to translating the wealth of tech available to successfully implement a working and practically effective drug discovery and development platform.

​Designed with leading AI experts from R&D and clinical departments across big pharma, biotech, and academia, this year’s forum features 3 days of real-world case studies and interactive discussions. As such, the 2021 AI-ML Summit will provide you with a roadmap to augmented R&D and clinical decision making with reduced failure rates, increased speed, and improved margins.


Deep Pharma Intelligence team introduced the company and its founding partners Deep Knowledge Analytics and BiopharmaTrend, and shared their insights and statistics about the Pharmaceutical Artificial Intelligence (AI) sector, including current trends, leaders in the “AI Race”, key R&D partnership and major investment deals, and latest industry developments. The company has paid particular attention to investment opportunities in this increasingly attractive market.

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The 3rd Annual AI-ML: Drug Discovery & Development Summit is the industry’s definitive guide to translating the wealth of tech available to successful, efficacious and efficient R&D processes. With 3 days of real-world case studies, this summit will provide the roadmap to augmented R&D decision making with reduced failure rates, increased speed and improved margins.

​This year’s summit will take a deeper look at:

  • Target, pathway and molecule selection – identifying which will treat individual disease indications better

  • Predictive preclinical models – knowing from the beginning how drug candidates will react when administered to in vivo and in vitro models

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Building on the success in 2019, the 2nd Longevity Therapeutics 2020 Summit will once again return to San Francisco. As the only industry-led and end-to-end longevity meeting, we will hear success stories in the last 12 months and explore what’s next to help you accelerate your pipeline into clinic! Uniting biotech drug developers, academics, investors and pharma companies endeavoring to develop innovative anti-aging drugs and overcome key preclinical, translational, clinical and regulatory challenges going forward.

Add a subheading (5).png

Welcome to the AI Applications in Biopharma Summit; a new kind of collaborative experience where the industry’s top science minds, AI technology experts and strategy leaders share detailed use cases to help each other build out the adoption of AI technology to improve patients’ lives.

​The Summit is a ‘who’s who’ of AI in biopharma and is your chance to engage in deep coverage of AI in drug discovery, clinical development and real-world evidence from an elite speaker


The world’s first international, cross-border, cross-sector summit on International Longevity Policy and Governance as part of Longevity Forum’s Longevity Week 2019, bringing together world-leading policy experts, representatives of government bodies, departments, healthcare and finance ministries, executives of healthcare and financial corporations to discuss, network and collaborate on initiatives to promote international longevity development.


Episode 1 of the new series Practical Human Longevity focused on market-ready technologies and approaches for Intermittent Hypoxia, Hyperoxia and their relation to Mitochondrial Aging and Healthy Human Longevity. Kaminskiy and Prokopov considered the pros and cons of different approaches within this general paradigm during their discussion. They showcased the tangible results on health and performance that Kaminskiy has experienced since beginning to integrate these technologies into his daily Personal Longevity Regime, followed by a keynote lecture on the tangible links between intermittent hypoxia and hyperoxia and human aging and Longevity.


The inaugural, exclusive and invitation-only AI for Longevity Summit, organized at King’s College London, brought together leading scientists, industry players, and experts to highlight the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence for Longevity and the practical implementation of longevity technologies and therapeutics. It was the first in a series of conferences, which we expect to become the world-leading forum on AI for Longevity. 

targ conf.png

Targeting Metabesity 2019 conference focused on the prevention of noncommunicable diseases and the treatment of age-related health dysfunctions to extend health-adjusted life expectancy. The conference, was held October 15-16, 2019 at the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington, D.C., addressed one of the important issues in healthcare: the constellation of major chronic diseases, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dementia, cancer, and the aging process, that are considered to be the “slow motion disaster”. 


The official launch event of Longevity.International held on June 23rd, 2021. During the event, Longevity.International Founder and Project Coordinator Ian Inkster provided an overview of the platform’s mission and major values and illustrated the platform’s various components, use-cases, and core functionalities. In addition, we were joined by several representatives of the platform’s various Institutional Co-Founding Partners.

King's College Longevity Summits: AI, Policy, Finance



press releases

Media and Press Coverage


Quotes on the Summits


"The application of AI for Longevity will bring the greatest real-world benefits to the industrialization of Longevity to scale, and will serve as the main driver of progress in the widespread extension of Healthy Longevity for all segments of society.”

“AI for Longevity is an underrepresented sector in the Longevity Industry despite having more potential to increase healthy Longevity in the short term than any other sector. It is our aim to change that with the launch of the Longevity AI Consortium at King’s College London, which will work to facilitate the shift from treatment to prevention and from preventive medicine to real-world precision health.”


- Dmitry Kaminskiy, General Partner of Deep Knowledge Group and Longevity.Capital


"I believe that we are at a pivotal moment in healthcare IT where AI could fundamentally support the improvement in patient care and so outcomes. The key here is to introduce AI in to the clinical pathway where it is seen as a positive disruption, not negative or of no value. There is a fundamental challenge and that will be the ability to explain and be transparent in the development and deployment (interoperability) of the AI solution. This includes being able to explain to patients, families, carers and of course health professionals. The economic value will need to be considered in the eventual outcome of this enormously interesting time in healthcare transformation."


- Craig Rhodes, EMEA Industry Lead for Artificial Intelligence Healthcare and Life Science at NVIDIA


“Ageing is viewed with trepidation by some but you can take a lot of the uncertainty out of it by planning for the long-term. Taking better care of our health, maintaining diverse relationships, saving for retirement and being open to learning and new work opportunities can make longevity a very positive experience. Our intent with the Ready for 100 report is to get people to re-imagine what an amazing experience life to 100 could be and to inspire the changes that will make this a reality for future generations. As medical costs continue to rise, we must evaluate the role we can play in making healthcare more affordable and accessible. As insurers, this means changing the way we engage with customers. We want to go beyond covering their medical bills to coming up with innovative solutions that will make our customer healthier and wealthier”


- Wilf Blackburn, CEO of Prudential Singapore


"The United Kingdom is in a unique position, having prioritised both its longevity and AI industries in two of its four Industrial Strategy Grand Challenges. Given its strengths in AI and longevity, and its expertise as a global leader in fintech and life sciences, it can develop the healthy longevity marketplace to scale internationally.”


- Eric Kihlstrom, Partner at Longevity.Capital and Director of Industry Collaboration, Longevity International UK


“AI holds enormous potential to rapidly accelerate the implementation of Longevity R&D. The nation is home to multiple centres of AI for Healthcare, but not a single Longevity AI Consortium. We are changing this through our unique academic-industry focus on preventive and personalised physical, mental and financial health, marking us out from other AI and Ageing centres around the world”


- Richard Siow, Ph.D., Director, Longevity AI Consortium, King’s College London


“Unless drastic action is taken, people will suffer lower quality wellbeing during a longer lifespan. This could become the next global crisis after climate change. The Longevity AI Consortium is unique in its focus on preventive health, addressing the social determinants of health at the root of inequalities.”


- Tina Woods, CEO, Longevity International UK

Previous Conferences

ICGN Conference, Amsterdam, 2020

Dmitry Kaminskiy Discusses How AI is Changing the Nature of Corporate Decision Making and How Data Science is Driving Deep Knowledge Group’s Long-Term Strategic Vision

IMG_3396 (1).jpeg
Screenshot 2020-06-07 at 19.24.21.png

Virtual Governance Conference 2020

Dmitry Kaminskiy speaking on "AI in the Boardroom, evolution of BigData analytical systems and future of the board and governance".

Screenshot 2020-06-07 at 19.28.04.png

Investing in Longevity 2020

Dmitry Kaminskiy was speaking on Longevity Industry, its trends. The presentation also included investment threats in the time of global pandemics and accelerated investments in the industry.


Basel Life Sciences Conference 2019, Basel, Switzerland

Dmitry Kaminskiy presented on the he Aging and Drug Discovery Session at the Basel Life Sciences Conference, speaking on the subject of a new landmark analytical report on the emerging longevity industry titles Longevity Industry Landscape Overview: The Science of Longevity.


Precision Medicine World Conference 2018, Silicon Valley, USA

Dmitry Kaminskiy was a judge on the 2018 PMWC Most Promising Company competition. Visionaries from across diagnostics, health tech and AI find themselves broadly united in the road ahead at precision medicine industry conference.


British Polo Day 2018, New York, USA

Dmitry Kaminskiy participates in a panel discussion entitled Tech Meets Trust for British Polo Day in New York.


Financial Times Global Pharma and Biotech Conference 2017, London, UK