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Blockchain Industry in UK Systematised for First Time


The report has identified and profiled 225 companies, 170 investors, 20 tech hubs and think tanks, 10 incubators and accelerators, and the 100 faces of the UK blockchain industry. It also breaks down on a company-by-company basis more than £500+ million-worth of investments into UK blockchain companies that occurred in 2017 and 2018.


A major insight highlighted in the report is that the UK has all the required resources, as well as industrial and governmental will, to become a global hub for Blockchain and next generation Digital Crypto Economy by approximately 2022, which marks the inflection point at which it will become clear if the UK has marshalled its existing resources across industry, government, academia and thought leadership to achieve this exciting opportunity. 


Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies have garnered considerable attention and have been subject to significant levels of development over the past several years, both globally and in the UK in particular given its status as a technology hub. 


The general importance and disruptive impact of these technologies has been recognized by many governmental entities in the UK, in particular the All Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain (APPG Blockchain) which was established in January 2018. 


In light of these developments, a consortium of organizations consisting of the Big Innovation Centre, DAG Global and Deep Knowledge Analytics have worked together to conduct the most comprehensive analysis to date of the UK-based Blockchain and Crypto Economy Industries, done in coordination with the All Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain (APPG Blockchain).

“Blockchain has been recognized by the UK Parliament as a very important and  disruptive technology, and it has shown commitment to support the accelerated development of the digital economy via a variety of government initiatives. We are still at the early stages of the Blockchain industry’s development and the huge impact it undoubtedly will have in Britain and globally. Big Innovation Centre is already marshalling our innovation focus as effectively as possible on accelerating our businesses and society, advancing us from ‘digital-economy and e-commerce’ to ‘AI-civilisation and blockchain’. Starting with a map of the Blockchain landscape and its key influencers is crucial.” said Prof. Birgitte Andersen, CEO of Big Innovation Centre.

Published today, and standing at 960 pages in length, the report outlines the current state of the Blockchain and Crypto Economy industries, summarizes the history of its development, and offers concrete projections relating to its evolution over the course of the next several years, detailing why the UK has significant potential to become a major world leader of the Digital & Crypto Economy ecosystem within the next several years.The report offers in-depth profiles of all major companies, investors, influencers, R&D centres, and other industry and governmental entities and players. It also includes coverage of all relevant government initiatives, regulatory frameworks and guidelines, and industry roadblocks both today and anticipated in the next several years.

“The UK is a major global financial hub and in recent years has become a FinTech leader as well. At the same time, it is starting to demonstrate significant potential to become a leader in Blockchain technologies and the Crypto Economy. The gap between the two worlds of traditional finance and Crypto Economy remains, but in the coming years we can expect this to lessen and eventually disappear. DAG Global will work actively to bridge these two worlds into a united, synergetic framework that is poised to yield outcomes greater than the sum of their respective parts” said Sean Kiernan, Chief Executive Officer of DAG Global.

Big Innovation Centre coordinated the work behind the report and acquired input from the All Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain, which has been a vital source of expertise on the state of Blockchain in the UK. DAG Global (consisting of financial sector experts and banking veterans) provided insights regarding the intersection of Crypto Economy with the traditional financial services and banking sectors. Deep Knowledge Analytics contributed its staff and substantial experience in producing advanced industry analysis.While the report itself is the most comprehensive analytical reporting on the state of Blockchain and Crypto Economy in the UK to date, it is only a first edition, and the consortium behind the report plan to update it regularly, and to release new editions quarterly, expanding its coverage of industry occurrences and government initiatives, and profiling new industry players as they emerge, in order to stay on the edge of this rapidly developing sphere.

“Blockchain and Crypto Economy is the backbone of the next generation Digital Economy, and Artificial Intelligence technology will be its CPU. The UK has the highest probability of becoming an international leader of a synergistically-integrated Digital Economy and to foster the evolution of a new Financial Industry powered by AI more than any other country at this point. It is for this purpose that we applied significant efforts toward the systematized analysis of the Blockchain industry and supported production of this first edition, which we will develop further to update the report each financial quarter, in order to best align with the industry's inflection point in coming years” said Dmitry Kaminskiy, Founder of Deep Knowledge Analytics.

The 960 page report and Executive Summary can be downloaded from 

About Big Innovation Centre:

Big Innovation Centre exists to help businesses, public agencies and universities put their open innovation principles into practice. Acting as an open innovation hub, Big Innovation Centre convenes a network of representative global companies in every sector, plus national public agencies and some of the best universities. Through this coalition we are building world-class innovation ecosystems and co-creating global innovation and investment hubs. Our aim is to help rebalance and grow national and regional economies. Our partners pool and share resources – technology, IP, data, skills, space, entrepreneurial finance – so our people can work together as co-catalysts to solve the grand challenges. Big Innovation Centre enlarges the innovative capability of its partner organizations, and itself becomes a ‘go-to’ place where commercial and public sector ideas are shared, tested and realized. We create a trusted space for people from cutting edge companies, universities and public agencies to meet and co-create a better world.

For more information visit:
Big Innovation Centre for media: contact Professor Birgitte Andersen, CEO or mob 07944783648 

About DAG Global:

DAG’s mission is to bridge traditional financial services with emerging digital assets to provide the premier trusted platform to access the digital and crypto economy. DAG aims to bring together the tradition of regulated banking and exchange with emerging innovation and blockchain technology. We will provide traditional banking services and solutions for digital asset businesses, as well as facilitate an entry into the emerging blockchain economy for existing regulated financial services firms. The DAG team has significant and proven expertise in building successful digital enterprises, putting us in pole position to become the first internationally-regulated Crypto Bank. We will service client requirements for lending and funding through our own bank, as well as a peer-to-peer platform, curating independently valued deals, with the objective to build an investment ecosystem.  Our core team comes from the traditional regulated banking world combined with DeepTech expertise, to uniquely operate within the next industrial revolution at the convergence of AI, data science, blockchain, and the evolution of the crypto economy and financial industry.

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DAG Global for media: contact Sean Kiernan, CEO 

About Deep Knowledge Analytics:

Deep Knowledge Analytics is the analytical department of Deep Knowledge Ventures, a VC firm focusing on investments in disruptive DeepTech projects and regularly producing advanced industry analytical reports on the subjects of Artificial Intelligence, Longevity, Crypto Economy and Convergence of Technological MegaTrends.

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