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King's College Longevity Summits: AI, Policy, Finance


Morning Session_01.png

Morning Session

Julia Randell Khan_US experience_morning

Julia Randell-Khan 
Consulting Fellow, New Map of Life™

12Nov2019 Kenji Shibuya _01.png

Healthy Longevity: 
Japan’s Future Innovations 
Working Group

Kenji Shibuya, MD, DrPH
Director, Institute for Population Health
King’s College London

191112 longevity summit set_01.png

Toward Well Aging Society


Dmitry Kaminskiy Presentation - Internat

Global Longevity Policy and
Governance Landscape Overview

Dmitry Kaminskiy
Aging Analytics Agency

Danel Wyler_01.png

 Healthy and active aging Research UZH

Danel Wyler
University of Zurich

Innovation & Ageing -  Mechanisms for Fi

Innovation & Longevity -  
Israel as a Case Study for Financing 
Innovative R&D in Ageing

Samuel Cronin 
Healthcare Innovation Manager, 
UK Israel Tech Hub / British Embassy Israel


Afternoon Session_01.png

Afternoon Session

2019_1112 Kings College Presentation_01.

Empowering Southeast Asia with Accessible & Affordable Technology-Enabled Health Ecosystem

Wen Xiao, Group Head of Digital Customer Experience

Dmitry Kaminskiy Presentation - AI for L

AI for Longevity Overview 
Role of AI and Data Science for Healthy Longevity

Dmitry Kaminskiy
Aging Analytics Agency



Craig Rhodes – Industry Lead EMEA Health and Life Sciences

Jorge Cardoso_01.png

Learning Across 8 Million Patients

Jorge Cardoso 
Senior Lecturer - Artificial Medical Intelligence 
CTO - London AI Centre for Value Based Healthcare

Richard Siow Presentation - AI for Longe

The UK’s First Dedicated AI for Longevity Hub: Agenda for 2020 and Beyond

Dr. Richard Siow

Director at Ageing Research at King's (ARK)


 MedCity and Life Sciences in London & Greater South East – the Value of AI


Davide Danovi_AI for Stem Cell_Afternoon

Collaborative Cell Phenotyping:
The Stem Cell Hotel

Davide Danovi

Director, Cell Phenotyping,

CSCRM, King’s College London

Chris Kalafatis_01.png

Employing Artificial Intelligence to personalise 
cognitive tracking

Dr Chris Kalafatis, MD, MRCPsych 
Cognetivity Neurosciences, King’s College London

ALI KHAN Healthy Ageing_01.png

Healthy Ageing; Some Experiences

Ali Khan

​Chief Science Innovation Officer - Proactive Health at AXA PPP healthcare

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