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Deep Knowledge Ventures Salutes Insilico Medicine on Close of Latest Financing Round


Monday, June 11, Hong Kong:

Deep Knowledge Ventures salutes its portfolio company Insilico Medicine on the close of its latest round of financing, led by WuXi AppTec’s Corporate Venture Fund, with contributions from Pavilion Capital (a subsidiary of Temasek Holdings), BOLD Capital (founded by Peter Diamandis) and Juvenescence Limited (founded by Jim Mellon).

The financing will be used to fund Insilico Medicine's ongoing work on deep learning-based drug discovery and biomarker development. The funding is complemented by a newly-announced partnership between Insilico Medicine and Wuxi AppTec, combining Insilico's expertise in machine learning-driven drug discovery with Wuxi AppTec's capability platform.

Deep Knowledge Ventures led Insilico Medicine’s seed funding round in 2014, and has remained a close advisor in the company’s journey towards becoming a global leader in the application of advanced AI (and particularly machine learning, deep learning, and Generative Adversarial Networks) for aging research and the extension of healthy human longevity. DKV has since formed a subsidiary fund, Deep Knowledge Life Sciences, to focus exclusively on investments in the areas of geroscience, longevity research, AI for advanced biopharmaceutical R&D, and disruptive life sciences companies. Additionally, DKV’s analytical subsidiaries, Deep Knowledge Analytics and Aging Analytics Agency, have committed substantial time and resources to the production of several analytical reports focusing exclusively on the rise, present state and near-future of the emerging Longevity Industry, including two reports (totalling over 1400 pages in length) on the global Longevity Industry, and one 400+ page report on the Longevity Industry in the UK, with several additional volumes currently in production.

"Insilico Medicine is one of our most promising portfolio companies, in terms of not only its potential ROI, but more importantly in terms of its potential impact upon serious problems facing humanity, namely, societal aging, and the dire economic burden that it poses in the coming years if not dealt with in terms of shifting from treatment to prevention, and from palliative geriatrics toward comprehensive human healthspan extension. When Deep Knowledge Ventures chose to lead Insilico Medicine's seed funding round in 2014, we did so as much for their potential to increase QALY for the betterment of humanity as a whole as for their potential profitability. We salute them on the closing of their latest round of funding, and on forging a partnership with Wuxi AppTech, one of China's largest pharmaceutical companies." - said Dmitry Kaminskiy, Managing Partner of Deep Knowledge Ventures.

WuxiApptec offers its clients a diverse and integrated suite of services to assist its global customer base and partners to minimize drug discovery and development time while simultaneously lowering the overall cost of biopharmaceutical and medical device R&D via streamlined and cost-effective solutions. By combining WuxiTec’s comprehensive platform and services with Insilico’s hallmark expertise in AI for drug discovery and biomarker development, the partnership has the potential to help usher in dramatic paradigm shifts in the drug development process, by focusing on slashing inefficiencies in the preclinical drug design stage of drug development, cutting development time and cost, and accelerating the pace by which lifesaving drugs can be delivered from the lab and into the hands of patients and doctors.

Insilico Medicine's work in AI for age-related drug discovery and biomarker development is routinely covered in papers in peer-reviewed journals and major industry conferences. Their work has most recently been covered by MIT Technology Review China, Nature Medicine, Nature Biotechnology, The Pharmaceutical Journal and many others. The Biogerontology Research Foundation works closely with Insilico Medicine in order to synergistically advance the paradigm shift from treatment to prevention and from palliative care toward comprehensive healthspan extension.

About Deep Knowledge Ventures

Deep Knowledge Ventures is a strategic investment firm focused on funding disruptive DeepTech companies in the areas of Longevity, Artificial Intelligence and CryptoEconomy. Led by Dmitry Kaminskiy, it adheres to the principle of impact investment, choosing to invest in the disruptive technology companies with the greatest potential to solve grand societal issues and challenges through advanced and innovative solutions, and who apply advanced DeepTech R&D toward the pursuit of improving quality of life for humanity.

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