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Deep Knowledge Ventures is an investment fund focused on AI and DeepTech, which values knowledge above profit - a fact that is embedded in its very name and brand. Hence, the fund considers its analytical subsidiaries among its most precious assets, driving the fund toward its long-term strategic vision: Deep Knowledge Analytics, focusing on advanced DeepTech and on the application of AI to Healthcare and Drug Discovery in particular, and Aging Analytics Agency, focusing on the science, business and economics of Longevity.


These two subsidiaries are the analytical engines driving and structuring the investment target identification and due diligence activities of Deep Knowledge Ventures, using sophisticated multi-dimensional, data-driven analytical frameworks and algorithmic methods that combine hundreds of specially-designed and specifically-weighted metrics and parameters to deliver sophisticated industry analysis, pragmatic forecasting and tangible industry benchmarking, with a focus on analyzing frontier technologies and the convergence of deep science and technological megatrends.


The specific focus of these two agencies on the convergence of advanced science and technology-driven industries and domains was a deliberate choice. The complexity of such sectors as AI in Healthcare and Longevity, and their pace of change and innovation, are increasing specifically due to the intersection of multiple scientific and technological domains. Whereas five years ago it was possible for industry innovations to be driven by advancements in a single domain or sector, today it is simply impossible, with the vast majority of such changes occurring at the intersection of two, three or more scientific and technological domains. And this is just the beginning of a rapidly expanding trend, because the degree of complexity behind these fields, and the number of points at which they are converging and intersecting, are increasing at an exponential pace.


Currently, these convergent paradigm shifts are occurring in industries that are already dominated by deep science and emerging technologies. But within the next 3-5 years, due to the pressures imposed by ongoing innovations and the arrival of advanced technologies, especially in the fields of AI and Advanced Biomedicine, we will begin to see other, much more conservative and slow-moving industries be shocked as well and transformed by innovations at the intersection of advanced technologies, literally forcing them to evolve in the face of significant technological change, despite their complete natural conservatism. Consider, for example, the management of entire countries, or the governance of such entities as pension funds. These are domains that are not technocratically driven, or marked by a rapid pace of innovation, and which typically make their strategic decisions reactively rather than proactively, making short-term decisions too late under the front of long-term strategy. But, under the pressures of emerging technologies and AI in particular, it is inevitable that at least some entities in ultraconservative domains and sectors as these will also soon come to be driven by similar paces of disruption and innovation absorption, marshalling towards new frontiers of science and technology.


Deep Knowledge Analytics’ 3-D Analytical Framework for AI in  Drug Discovery sector, whose production was necessitated by the complexities of the sector, and required in order to obtain a tangible and pragmatic understanding of the industry in order to structure investment strategy in a relevant way.


Thus, the focus of Deep Knowledge Analytics and Aging Analytics Agency on the convergence of technological megatrends, deep science and advanced technologies, and the development of multidimensional analytical frameworks that possess a level of complexity proportional to the industries and domains they are analysing, was a necessary requirement in order to conduct effective industry analysis, forecasting and benchmarking of DeepTech, deep science and frontier-technology industries and sectors at the minimum level of relevance and pragmatism.


Deep Knowledge Ventures invested in a number of companies applying AI for Drug Discovery and Biomarker Development. In 2018 it aggregated its industry intelligence under umbrella of the Pharma Division of Deep Knowledge Analytics, which has become the dominating analytics entity in this field, publishing multiple open-source reports with the aim of accelerating the development of the sector and improve the implementation of AI in Pharma in particular, as well as a number of specialized proprietary analytical reports for its corporate clients and strategic partners.


The goal of applying AI for Drug Discovery is finding more efficient and targeted ways to discover new drugs. The AI for Drug Discovery sector is currently focused on designing new blockbuster drugs. Blockbuster drugs typically are considered as the drugs that can generate at least $1 billion annually for one given Pharma corporation. Companies in the AI for Drug Discovery sector are focused on the needs of pharma corporations, which are trying to develop the next blockbuster drug aimed at a single disease and optimized for effectiveness in all patients equally. The Pharma business model which was established over 30-40 years ago, has not evolved significantly since that time, and has some very obvious apparent limitations.

As AI for Drug Discovery becomes more sophisticated, it will focus on Personalized Precision Medicine. When we reach this milestone in the evolution of drug discovery, drug development companies will switch from “blockbuster drugs” towards Personalised Precision Medicine, where drugs will be designed and applied using precise, individually-tailored methods of dosing, drug cocktail composition, and accurate efficient delivery. Medicine will be optimized for each individual person and varied according to their genetics, current state of health, age, and many other parameters. The next major innovation in drug discovery will be moving away from single drugs optimized for entire patient populations, and towards increased personalization.


Deep Knowledge Analytics and Aging Analytics Agency have become recognized among industry executives and experts for the quality, rigour and periodicity of their industry benchmarking, employing quantitative analytical frameworks routinely in order to rank industry entities, influencers, experts, technologies and practical applications.

In the most advanced stage, AI for Drug Discovery will focus on Precision Health and Healthy Longevity rather than Precision Medicine. The Longevity sector is the most complex area of AI for Drug Discovery because Longevity focuses on prevention rather than treatment. Longevity requires complete optimization of health at the deepest level targeting biological systems that control disease. This stage will mark the shift from precision medicine towards precision health, developing drugs not for just single diseases, but entire states of patient health. The Precision Health stage is the most complex and will require the most advanced next-generation technologies.


Aging Analytics Agency’s Proprietary Longevity Industry Classification and Benchmarking Framework uses dozens of specially-designed and specifically weighted quantitative metrics and submetrics to identify the specific scientific, technological, executive management and business development strengths, weaknesses and prospects of Longevity Industry companies.

The most sophisticated tools will be required to assess companies working in the field of Precision Health and Longevity. Compared to the current business models and technical approaches to the discovery, design and delivery of drugs, the shift towards Personalized Precision Medicine will be 10x more complex and multidimensional, and correspondingly the further shift from precision medicine to precision health will be 100x more multidimensional and complex.


As a result, the methods and approaches for industry analysis, investment target identification, and due diligence applied to companies during the occurrence of these two oncoming paradigm shifts will be proportionately more advanced, multidimensional and sophisticated than they are today. However those methods in common use today are even below the bar of the current complexity of AI for Drug Discovery landscape, and therefore they will prove increasingly ineffective tools for strategic decision making as the level of complexity in the biopharma increases more and more during the shift from blockbuster drugs to Personalized Precision Medicine and finally towards Precision Health.


The assumption that these coming shifts will not occur until far future is incorrect, and our current methods of industry analysis and tangible, quantifiable forecasting have informed us that it is quite reasonable to expect the approaches and business models underlying Precision Health will be the norm in developed countries by the year 2027-2030, and that in some countries and regions, significant elements behind this approach may be in place as early as 2024-2025.


The proprietary analytical frameworks of Deep Knowledge Analytics and Aging Analytics Agency not only utilize dozens to hundreds of parameters to quantify, benchmark and forecast developments in frontier-technology driven industries, but also structure those metrics and their importance factors in highly organized and multi-dimensional ways in order to efficiently manage the volume of data involved in their comparative analyses.


Furthermore, we can expect to see intermediate progress towards the full realization of this shift, like the widespread use of AI for blockbuster drug discovery, and even the shift from single-drug-fits-all business model towards Personalised Precision Medicine as early as 2022-2023. During the time major shifts will occur in healthcare. Healthcare decisions will be transferred from doctors to IT-systems. Progressive healthcare clinics will be managed by technical engineers and IT-company executives. The doctor’s role will shift to being hands-on patient centric.


While many analysts consider these events to be decades away, our forecasting and industry analysis show that this will be standard by 2030. In many countries, significant elements will be achieved much sooner and become reality by 2027. Intermediate steps like personalised advanced biomedicine capable of delivering some elements of precision health will be achievable by 2024. The importance of AI and transformation of approach from treatment towards prevention and maintenance of patient health will be transferred from doctors to IT-systems, and clinics will be engineered and managed by people with methods of thinking as now have aerospace engineers and managers of IT-corporations, whereas doctors will be those people who are now like mechanical engineers in aerospace -- the practitioners, but not the designers and strategic decision makers. In many cases patients, being empowered by sophisticated Data and AI systems, will be capable to become CEO’s of their own health.


The healthcare industry is currently dominated by biopharma corporations. In 7-10 years it will be dominated by healthcare corporations, who will take the form of either IT-giants, or tech corporations who have merged with or acquired the most progressive pharma corporations, and will eventually sell to their clients subscriptions to Precision Health, in the same way that today they are selling subscriptions to Netflix and Amazon Prime.


Deep Knowledge Analytics and Aging Analytics Agency have been working over the course of the past five years on designing and validating increasingly sophisticated and multidimensional approaches to industry analytics, to serve as the leading tools and solutions for strategic decision making, with the aim of developing such frameworks to the levels necessitated by the rapidly complexifying nature of the global healthcare system.


The analytical methodologies of Deep Knowledge Analytics and Aging Analytics Agency have evolved substantially since they began to be developed in 2013, and now incorporate 3-D frameworks where metrics and submetrics can be visualized simultaneously, as well as the development of “timeline machines” that allow to review the changing state of a company’s strength in specific areas ranging from scientific validation to business development, R&D, etc. to be visualized over time, and projected into the future based on the statistical properties of its past behaviour.


Over the past several years, these two analytical agencies have published tens of thousands of pages of open-access, free-of-charge reports on the AI for Drug Discovery and Longevity sectors, which were made with the primary purpose of gaining a broad understanding of the entire scope of such industries, in order to lay the groundwork for understanding exactly who is active within the industry, what they are doing, and who among them is progressing or regressing. Based on the previous traction achieved by these analytical reports, both agencies are now working on expanding the application of these analytical frameworks to new topics and sectors, crystalizing its solid foundation of deep industry intelligence into robust, compact, re-tunable analytical systems, equations, algorithms, approaches and methods.


The proprietary reports of Aging Analytics Agency and Deep Knowledge Analytics utilize a variety of insightful comparative analyses, including company harmonization analyses showing how companies compare in terms of the ratio of their strengths in key areas including scientific validation, business development, marketing, financial position, executive management composition, technology pipelines and other relevant domains.


Aging Analytics Agency has, since its inception in 2013, been applying systematic methodologies to create different types of analytical frameworks that define and classify distinct scientific domains, technologies and applications very clearly, in a way that allows them to be quantitatively compared, and continually refining them to maintain their relevance against the changing dynamics of the industry sectors they are applied to. Since then, the company has continued to refine these comparative analysis systems, both in terms of the specific metrics used to conduct its market studies, as well as the mathematical formulas used to combine them, and the advanced visualization techniques used to make their forecasts, ranking and determinations maximally understandable.


The proprietary analytical reports of both Aging Analytics Agency and Deep Knowledge Analytics utilize a variety of insightful comparative analyses, including comparison charts showing the ratio of therapeutic breadth to therapeutic depth of companies’ product and service pipelines.


These ongoing proprietary analytics have consistently been accompanied by the production of vast open-access landscape overviews on the Longevity industry of particular geographic regions, and on specific technological domains, in many cases more than 1,000 pages in length.


The purpose of producing these broad landscape overviews is to serve as a kind of analogue of Wikipedia and the Encyclopedia Britannica for the Longevity industry, widely disseminating ongoing developments in the global Longevity Industry in order to promote its continued growth, expansion and refinement. But, they also serve an important secondary purpose as well: laying the groundwork for a comprehensive understanding of the entire scope of the industry across the globe, and facilitating a greater comprehension of the specific industry players, their activities, and their interconnections. In other words, these reports establish the necessary foundation upon which more targeted, relevant and complex analyses can be executed.


Today, these analytical methodologies have evolved to incorporate 3-D frameworks where metrics and submetrics can be visualized simultaneously, as well as the development of “timeline machines” that allow to review the changing state of a company’s strength in specific areas ranging from scientific validation to business development, R&D, etc. to be visualized over time, and projected into the future based on the statistical properties of its past behaviour.


This interactive online Longevity Industry Database will feature customizable filtering of data and data visualization, and machine learning-driven smart matching to automatically provide users with relevant and valuable networking and partnership suggestions.

Furthermore, in the latter half of 2019, Aging Analytics Agency will be aggregating the large volume of data contained in its reports profiles into an online Longevity Analytics Platform and database featuring interactive visuals which can transform static analytical reports into dynamic infographics updated in real-time.


Aging Analytics Agency’s online, interactive IT platform will turn static data and mindmaps into dynamic data-driven environments where Longevity industry data can be filtered, visualized and interacted with in useful and interesting ways, to be updated periodically as new developments in the Longevity Industry occur.

This platform will enable complex interactions between industry entities and stakeholders to be visualized, filtered, searched and thus more easily understood, which will provide a more dynamic lens through which to view emerging trends and activities in the global Longevity industry. Once created, this platform will be continuously updated with real-time industry developments and will be significantly upgraded with the integration of additional advanced visualization, data analysis and stake-holder smart-matching capabilities.


Ultimately, both analytical agencies ongoing work on the development of sophisticated, multidimensional comparative analysis frameworks and methodologies have culminated in a strong reputation among industry stakeholders for leading industry ranking and benchmarking, practical and pragmatic  identification of market trends and tangible, quantitative forecasting, as well as securing positions as the primary source of industry data and analytics for a number of leading organizations, including in the case of Deep Knowledge Analytics the AI for Drug Discovery focused hybrid hedge fund AI-Pharma, and in the case of Aging Analytics Agency the Longevity-focused hedge fund Longevity.Capital, and the recently-established UK All-Party Parliamentary Group for Longevity.

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The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Longevity, launched in Q1 2019, is dedicated to turning the problem of Ageing Population into the opportunity of Healthy Longevity for the United Kingdom, with a strong focus on accelerated developments in preventive medicine, innovations in healthcare, the synergetic convergence of AI and advanced biomedicine, and financial reform for pension systems.


Additionally, Aging Analytics Agency has experienced a new development in the evolution of its overall analytical focus. Whereas previously it was focused on specific sectors of biomedicine industry and scientific / technological domains relating to Longevity, in response to beginning to work with several Government-related organizations globally, such as the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Longevity, and to recent enhancements to its executive management team (such as Eric Kihlstrom, former Director of the UK Government-led £98 Healthy Ageing Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund), the agency has begun to focus significant resources to the production of sophisticated open-access and proprietary analytics on the topics of Longevity Governance and Governmental Development Plans, and to the intersection of Longevity and the Advancing Financial Industry of Pension Funds and Insurance Companies, and global market of financial instruments and derivatives related to so-called “Longevity Risk”.


Aging Analytics Agency's recent National Longevity Development Plans: Global Overview 2019 report necessitated an unprecedented level of data aggregation, parsing and analysis in order to arrive at its benchmarking of Government-led National Longevity Development Plans, Projects and Initiatives.


The first of these activities takes the form of a new, 315-page open-access report from Aging Analytics Agency titled "National Longevity Development Plans: Global Overview 2019 (First Edition)".  


The report, which was presented in UK Parliament on behalf of Aging Analytics Agency representatives as part of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Longevity’s Strategic Advisory Board Meeting on April 30th 2019 and Official Launch Event on May 7th 2019, delivers a detailed international overview of the projects, initiatives and efforts that different countries across the globe are making in order to combat the issues associated with Aging Population and to promote the extension and maintenance of their citizens’ Healthy Longevity.

This report necessitated the development of specifically-designed analytical metrics with which to judge the strength, proactiveness and relevance of various government-led Longevity-related development initiatives, taking into account 77 specific parameters, each of them consisting of several dozens of data points, with specific weight factors given in proportion to their relevance and likelihood of delivering tangible deliverables like an increase in National Healthy Longevity (as measured by Health-Adjusted Life Expectancy, or HALE), and a reduction in the economic burden of Ageing Population.


The metrics developed for and used in Aging Analytics Agency’s National Longevity Development Plans: Global Overview 2019 report are broken down into 6 distinct layers, with specific ratios being derived from 1st layer metrics, specific metric ratios and growth rates of ratios being derived from 3rdth-layer metrics, effectiveness measures being derived from 4th layer metrics, and effectiveness measure growth rates being derived from 5th layer metrics.


The international Longevity initiative benchmarking used in this report was developed with the aim of predicting the capabilities of specific nations to implement new Longevity Industrial Strategies within the next four years, and to proactively transform their healthcare systems to embrace the paradigm shift from treatment to prevention. The report assessed the activities and initiatives of nations in the same way that Deep Knowledge Analytics and Aging Analytics Agency would have assessed the capability for corporations, such as Pharma or Tech corporations to embrace frontier technologies like AI in Drug Discovery, assessing quantitative metrics in order to conduct benchmarking, trend identification and forecasting.


However, the agency's analysts encountered one specific problem during the first stage of this process. Consider that the effective analysis of the AI for Drug Discovery sector requires taking into account at least 100 data points, while the Longevity Industry necessitates taking into account at least 300 data points, in proportion to their respective levels of complexity. But conducting pragmatic and tangible analysis of the activities of entire governments and nations on the front of Healthy Longevity requires taking into account at least 1000 data points, due to the combination of the larger scale of activities that needs to be considered, and the pace at which innovations in Longevity are being driven and dominated by the convergence and intersections of advanced frontier technologies like AI and advanced biomedicine. But on the other hand, we also found that a number of countries analyzed in the report failed to disclose to certain data to certain major sources of relevant international statistics, such as the United Nations, World Health Organization, World Economic Forum and others, presumably in cases where such data would apply a negative rather than positive light on the country’s current state of Healthy Longevity, healthcare efficiency and other relevant domains.

Aging Analytics Agency’s upcoming proprietary Advancing Financial Industry Longevity / AgeTech / Wealthtech report offers key strategic insights on how large financial corporations can tap into the multirillion market of people in retirement, and retune their existing business models avoid stagnation under the economic pressures of a rapidly ageing population, transforming Ageing from a challenge to an opportunity.


In a similar manner, Aging Analytics Agency is currently working on the production of a proprietary analytical report focused on the intersection of Longevity, AgeTech and the Financial Industry, a domain that is dominated by an even higher degree of complexity than government-led national Longevity development initiatives.


The first edition of this report will be followed by a number of special case studies focused on specific sectors within the Financial Industry, assessing the activities, prospects and capabilities of large financial institutions, including the pension fund and insurance company industries, to enter the growing Longevity financial industry and adjust their business models to increasing life expectancies.


The major analytical deliverables, insights, trends and data from these special case studies will be aggregated and assembled into new, extended and updated editions of the main, industry-wide landscape overview reports, to be re-released every financial quarter, incrementally increasing the precision and actionability of its industry analysis, and the depth of its forecasts.

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The present moment in history is characterised by the convergence and oncoming collision of two Opposed Longevity Megatrends: advanced biomedicine, which can increase Healthy Longevity and reduce the burden of ageing populations, and the silver tsunami, which threatens to shrink the size of working populations, strain existing age-dependency ratios, and potentially break national healthcare systems if not addressed proactively.


Each new edition will provide a more sophisticated, comprehensive and precise understanding of the challenges and opportunities related to Longevity, as well as what financial institutions such as private wealth and retail banks, pension funds and insurance companies need to do in order to benefit, rather than stagnate, from the oncoming collision of two opposed Longevity MegaTrends: Advancing Biomedicine and Silver Tsunami.


Aging Analytics Agency’s MindMap of the top 150 financial institutions with relevant activities in the Longevity sphere, classified into several subcategories including Banks, Asset Management Firms, Pension Funds, Insurance Companies and Reinsurance Companies.


Aging Analytics Agency’s analytical framework and methodology for its upcoming proprietary Advancing Financial Industry report takes into account not just the concrete, visible Longevity-related activities of financial institutions, but also the lack of activity and the future prospects for growth and entry into Longevity-related markets, assigning both positive and negative ranking.


Likewise, the production of this report has necessitated the development of specifically-designed analytical metrics (along with unique weight factors and overall metric and submetric structuring and layering) in order to measure the prospects, proactiveness and opportunities that major financial institutions face against the challenges of Ageing Population and the opportunity of Healthy Longevity, and what tangible measures they can take to transform the problem and deficit-model of ageing into an opportunity and asset-model of Longevity.

Screenshot 2019-05-17 at 18.51.08.png

The global AgeTech, Longevity Finance and Advanced Longevity Derivatives market is a multitrillion opportunity set to either make or break large financial institutions such as banks, pension funds and insurance companies, who can either expand and evolve to capture this emerging market, or stagnate under the pressures of an ageing population.

The global Longevity financial industry is a multi-trillion opportunity for progressive banks, asset management firms, pension funds and insurance companies, and one that is both extremely large, multidimensional and complex, but also one possessing several very interesting features. Its scale is on the level of several tens of trillions of dollars, and yet it is marked by a distinct lack of innovation within the past 50 years, a resistance to embracing technological change, and to re-tuning business models in a manner that is relevant for the dynamic of scientific and technological progress. But, we can already see fundamental changes taking place in the financial industry specifically due to innovations in Longevity, and we can expect to see a paradigm shift in their standard operating procedures, products, services and core business models directly in response to advances in Longevity not within the next several decades, but within the next 2-5 years.


Deep Knowledge Ventures will continue to support the production of advanced analytical reports on frontier technology-driven industries through its analytical subsidiaries, with the aim to develop the next iterations of their analytical frameworks with a wider scope of metrics and overall analytics, to apply efficient methods to cross-sector analysis between different industries, and to apply both existing and new analytical frameworks to the design of the new Invest-Tech solutions (novel investment technologies and strategies relevant for the third decade of the twenty-first century), which is the only relevant way to implement the long-term strategic vision of Deep Knowledge Ventures.

About Deep Knowledge Ventures

A leading investment fund focused on the synergetic convergence of DeepTech verticals, frontier technologies and  technological megatrends, renowned for its use of sophisticated analytical systems for investment target identification and due-diligence. Major investment sectors include AI, Precision Medicine, Longevity, Blockchain and InvestTech. @DeepTech_VC


About Deep Knowledge Analytics

The DeepTech analytical arm of Deep Knowledge Ventures, specialising in forecasting on the convergence of technological megatrends, conducting special case studies and producing advanced industry analytical reports on the topics of Artificial Intelligence, DeepTech, GovTech, Blockchain, FinTech and Invest Tech. Its Pharma Division is the leading analytical entity specifically focused on deep intelligence of the pharma industry and the AI for Drug Discovery sector, and serves as the main source of market intelligence and analytics for AI-Pharma, a specialized hybrid hedge fund. @DK_Analytics


About Aging Analytics Agency

Aging Analytics Agency is the world’s premier provider of industry analytics on the topics of Longevity, Precision Preventive Medicine and Economics of Ageing, and the convergence of technologies such as AI and Digital Health and their impact on the healthcare industry. The company provides strategic consulting services in fields related to Longevity, and currently serves as the primary source of analytics for the specialized index hedge fund Longevity.Capital, as well as the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group for Longevity. @AgingAnalytics

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