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Deep Knowledge Group Statement

What we are now witnessing in Ukraine is horrible, unthinkable and inadmissible. ​​This war is devastating and unjust. We feel tremendous sorrow and pain for Ukraine and all people affected by this tragedy.

While we are against any war in general, our pain for this particular war is ultimate, as for many of our colleagues from Eastern Europe it is a severe personal tragedy.

Deep Knowledge Group is dedicated to the advancement of technological progress through the development of tangible, actionable DeepTech infrastructures with a strong focus on precision preventive medicine and healthy Longevity. In other words, we are committed to prolonging and maintaining life, health and wellbeing for all people on a global scale through technology.

We are of the strong opinion that states and corporations should redirect budgets currently spent on military activity and war towards the advancement of science and technology for human benefit. We strongly believe that technological progress is the key to creating global abundance and wellbeing, maximizing the health of citizens and the wealth of national economies, and building a world in which wars will no longer be needed at all.

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