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States, Regions, Territories at Risk 

Africa Regional Breakdown

Africa received an average score of 0.39. The continent faces a number of problems, and for the most part its comparatively low average score is a result of a number of fairly widespread and common challenges including:


  • a lower prevalence of democratic government structures among its constituent territories, 

  • a high degree of terrorist and militant group activity 

  • A high degree of water scarcity due to the activities of uncontrolled militant groups, 

  • a generally weaker rule of law for many countries

  • long-standing political, geopolitical and economic problems

  • new geopolitical tensions with large economies such as China,

  • a high level of kleptocracy.


However, the region is also home to a large number of rapidly growing FinTech and HealthTech industries. This unique feature represents not only a potential source of future economic growth and stability, but may also provide ancillary benefits, such as the capacity to quickly improve the overall state and level of development of their healthcare infrastructure, and provide new tools for citizens (as opposed to governments) to achieve greater levels of economic independence, stability and sustainability. 

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