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States, Regions, Territories at Risk 

North and South America Regional Breakdown

The America’s received an average score of 0.47. The large majority of major risks present in the Americas are clustered within Central and South America.

Canada achieved the highest regional safety and stability score in the region. Meanwhile, it’s close neighbor, the United States, received a very low score (especially considering its status as one of the world’s most developed economies and its generally high development level for many of the categories considered in the analysis. 

Major causes for the United States’ low score includes its high level of COVID-19 risk (with numbers of new cases and deaths continuing to rise alongside a continued relaxation of lockdown measures across the majority of its states, and a lack of support from its federal government to increase testing), further exacerbated by ongoing civilian riots as part of the Black Lives Matter movement, and external problems including the current global oil crisis and its economic trade war with China.

South America’s current position is also complicated by its positive historical relations with the US, combined with its comparatively new relations with China. In the context of the US-China trade war, this situation increases the risk of future economic and geopolitical tensions for the region. 

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