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States, Regions, Territories at Risk 

Asia Regional Breakdown

Asia received an average score of 0.46. The broad geographical region exhibits a larger degree of variance than many others included in this analysis. 


China, for example, has achieved a remarkably high safety and stability score. The region has made incredible leaps in terms of military and economic development in recent decades, and this is very much reflected in its score during the present analysis.


Given China’s emphasis on Soft Power within the context of its foreign policy strategy, we may even begin to see the regional safety and stability scores of its neighboring regions increase as a result of protection and aid from China. 


Meanwhile, by contrast, Middle Eastern regions achieved comparatively lower scores on average, in large part resulting from the fact that countries within this broad geographical territory are in an almost constant state of geopolitical conflict. Many Gulf Region countries and territories, however, are an exception to this general trend, being wealthy oil countries with strong intents to become advanced and progressive healthcare, healthTech and FinTech Hubs.


Overall, however, COVID-19 has put enormous stress on the economic and healthcare resiliency of many regions within Asia, and we can expect this to cause overall economic challenges for years to come. 

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