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Artificial Intelligence for Drug Discovery Landscape Overview

Q2 / 2018 Industry Analysis


AI for Advanced R&D and Drug Discovery 2

The large majority of the report, including:

Section I: AI for Drug Discovery Landscape Overview (Industry Developments Q2 2018)

Section II: Novel Technologies & Trends (Industry Forecast 2019-2020), Appendices (which feature profiles of 100 Companies, 220 Investors, 15 Biopharma, 15 IT/Tech Corporations, and 20 leading R&D Centres active in the AI for Drug Discovery space) totalling 400 pages in length, has been made available free of charge.

Section III (Investor and M&A Guide, 70 pages in length)


Section III: Comparative Industry Analysis & Classification Framework

(Investor and M&A Guide), 70 pages in length,

specifically tuned to industry professionals such as investors, analysts, BioPharma/Tech executives and decision-makers, is available upon request.

This section is devoted to an in-depth comparative and quantitative analysis of the entire AI for Drug Discovery landscape, utilizing advanced infographics and tangible parameters

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