Artificial Intelligence for Drug Discovery Landscape Overview

Q2 / 2018 Industry Analysis

Section III (Investor and M&A Guide, 70 pages in length)

Section III: Comparative Industry Analysis & Classification Framework (Investor and M&A Guide), 70 pages in length, a section specifically tuned to industry professionals such as investors, analysts, BioPharma/Tech executives and decision-makers, is available for purchase. This section is devoted to an in-depth comparative and quantitative analysis of the entire AI for Drug Discovery landscape, utilizing advanced infographics and tangible parameters both for (1) ranking various AI for Drug Discovery companies according to their levels of scientific validation, clinical development, R&D and industry-application diversification, and overall prospects for future growth and for (2) classifying AI for Drug Discovery companies according to their type and number of distinct industry applications, proportion of AI specialists, number of patents and publications, use of next-generation AI technologies (e.g. GANs vs ML), and whether they utilize AI as a core component of their R&D or as a complementary element to enhance their primary, non-AI focus and business model.

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