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Our Team

Dmitry K.png

Dmitry Kaminskiy

General Partner

Dmitry Kaminskiy, residing in London, is a seasoned investor and entrepreneur in the Longevity Industry. He is the Founder of Deep Knowledge Ventures and Aging Analytics Agency, both established in 2014.

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Stefan Hascoet.png

Stefan Hascoet

Managing Partner
Head of Swiss Activities

Stefan Hascoet, located in Geneva, is the Head of Swiss operations. He brings over 15 years of expertise in capital markets, specializing in investment products, derivatives, and non-recourse lending solutions.

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Kate Batz.png

Kate Batz

Managing Partner
Head of US Activities

Kate Batz, situated in Miami, serves as the Head of US operations. She holds law licenses in California and New York, boasting over 15 years as a corporate attorney, well-versed in legal intricacies.

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Franco Cortese

Managing Partner
Head of Corporate Strategy 

Franco, based in Toronto, Canada, is the Managing Partner at Aging Analytics Agency. A key figure since 2017, he co-authored the impactful XT9T code for aging-related diseases in WHO's ICD-11, fueling agency growth.

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Andrey Savitskiy

Project Manager


Andrii Savytskyi, is a deeply passionate professional in the Biotech and MedTech sectors, with a rich background in project management and analytics. His work, rooted in regenerative medicine, molecular diagnostics, and longevity, reflects a lifelong commitment to pushing the boundaries of scientific exploration and healthcare innovation.

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Dominic jennnings.jpeg

Dominic Jennings

Head of Strategic Partnerships

Dominic, located in London, boasts an impressive two-decade career in the Financial Services sector. His journey commenced in investment banking and eventually led him to co-found an investment management boutique. Later, he ventured into establishing his own consultancy. Presently, Dominic's expertise is directed towards offering guidance to fintech and insurtech clients, showcasing his profound understanding of the dynamic financial landscape.

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Baha Hamadi.png

Baha Hamadi

Vice President Communications

Based in Dubai, UAE, Baha is a Board Member at the Public Relations & Communications Association, contributing to industry excellence. As a World Economic Forum ESG Practitioners Community member, he's involved in shaping sustainable practices. Baha's commitment extends as a mentor for Dubai Chamber’s Centre for Responsible Business, fostering ethical and responsible growth.

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Roxy Iqbal

Director of Strategy and Communication

Roxy Iqbal brings a wealth of experience to philanthropic endeavors. With a deep grasp of the philanthropic landscape, Roxy offers expert guidance and stakeholder engagement across diverse projects, notably in the Longevity sector. Their astute leadership and commitment to fostering positive social change greatly enhance the organization's philanthropic initiatives.

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Bohdan Tretiakov (4)_edited.jpg

Bohdan Tretiakov

Head of IP Department

Bohdan Tretiakov, a seasoned legal professional, adeptly guides his team through intricate IP cases. His prowess spans patent disputes to trademark registrations, showcasing a knack for ingenious legal solutions. Driven by a fervor for industry trends, Bohdan maintains the company's IP strategy on the cutting edge, harmonizing it with strategic business objectives.

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AksholpanAlpysbay - Photo_edited_edited.

Aksholpan Alpysbay

Strategic Business Development Technologist

Aksholpan is responsible for driving business expansion by integrating semi-automated methodologies. Her expertise lies in catalysing diverse trajectories within SaaS platforms and custom on-premises solutions, particularly in the realm of Remote Sensing Techniques across the regions, including Singapore, Central Asia, select parts of the United States, and Eastern Europe.

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Tanya Bell

Chief of Staff

Tanya Bell, a seasoned professional in economics and corporate finance, showcases remarkable leadership skills, efficiently steering intricate projects and teams. Recognized for her strategic prowess, she crafts and executes effective plans that yield results by identifying and assessing key financial metrics. With a penchant for innovation, Tanya optimizes business performance through inventive strategies, contributing to her exceptional track record.

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Ian Inkster

Aging Analytics Agency
Head of Policy Analytics,
Chief of Geroscience
and AgeTech Analytics 

Based in Edinburgh, UK, Ian Inkster brings over 10 years of expertise in aging and Longevity research analytics. A consummate professional, he combines data-driven insights with a keen understanding of Geroscience and AgeTech landscapes, contributing to impactful strategies and innovations in the field.

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Mukhammet Gafarov_edited.jpg

Mukhammet Gafarov

Head of Next Generation Visionary Front End solutions

Based in Dubai, Mukhammet is a visionary leader as the Head of Next Generation Front-End Solutions, deeply passionate about AI, DeepTech, and pioneering 3D trends. With a fervent commitment to innovation, Mukhammet drives transformative advancements at the intersection of technology and creativity.

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Lars Knof.png

Lars Knof

Head of 3D Design and Complex Infographic Structure

Originating from Germany, Lars possesses a deep understanding of 3D Engine Development With remarkable abilities and insights not only enhance our product but also attract individuals who are enticed by his innovative perspective, steadfast dedication to pioneering novel AI products, and resolute commitment to surmounting new challenges while remaining attuned to the constant evolution of daily progress.


Julia Ivanytska

Head of FemTech Analytics

Julia possesses profound expertise in market research, data analysis, and project management. Her adeptness in AI and advanced analytics complements these skills, enabling her to provide insightful, data-driven perspectives for the FemTech sector. With a well-rounded skill set, she contributes valuable insights that contribute to the growth and innovation of the industry.

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Stefania Saveni

Vice President of Business Development 

At Deep Knowledge Group, Stefania spearheads the development of novel projects, partnerships, and investor relations. Leveraging her expertise in PharmTech and FinTech domains, she possesses a comprehensive grasp of contemporary payment infrastructure, trends, and emerging technologies. Stefania's proficiency contributes to shaping innovative solutions that drive the organization's growth and strategic initiatives.

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Asia Veretenko

Head of Longevity Club Department

Anastasia, based in Toronto, is a leading analytics expert in the field of longevity medicine and longevity technologies. She is an experienced project manager currently developing solutions and overseeing projects for a company that has the potential to extend human lives and make a global impact on society. Anastasia aims to ensure that her work not only transforms the field of medicine but also positively influences the quality of life for people worldwide.

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Vladimir Shakirov

Head of Longevity Club Department

Vladimir Shakirov is a dedicated and passionate scientific researcher responsible for spearheading longevity projects at DKG. With a robust background in both molecular biology and machine learning, he serves as a co-head of scientific data analysts in the Longevity Club Department of DKG.

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Erhan Sezer

CTO of Longevity Club

Erhan Sezer is a professional with a passion for driving innovation and leveraging technology to propel the company forward. With a strong background in business analysis and product ownership, along with certification as a Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO), he plays a pivotal role in guiding technological strategies and initiatives. Through a combination of strategic foresight and technical expertise, he leads the charge in implementing cutting-edge solutions that enhance Longevity Club's offerings and drive growth in the industry.

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Yaren Kılıç

LegalTech Lawyer

Based in Istanbul, Yaren Kılıç serves as a LegalTech Lawyer at Deep Knowledge Group, harnessing her extensive knowledge in regulatory compliance to bridge technology and law. Her legal expertise is marked by a diverse journey through various privacy laws and regulations across different nations. As a Certified Information Privacy Professional in Europe (CIPP/E), Yaren leads the charge in legal tech, ensuring DKG remains a step ahead in the realms of data protection and privacy. 

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