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Baha Hamadi

Head of Gulf Operations & Communications

Baha is based in Dubai, UAE. He is a Board Member of the Public Relations & Communications Association and a member of the World Economic Forum’s Community of ESG Practitioners. He also serves as a mentor for Dubai Chamber’s Centre for Responsible Business.

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Talent retention, the right way
What measures can employers take to ensure talent retention and boost productivity levels in the wake of the Great Resignation? Here are some lessons I learned, especially in my current #job at Deep Knowledge Group, which offers the flexibility and exposure required for career progress.

Give employees a reason to be loyal
Many companies talk to their employees about a #careerpath, but most of them provide vague #career plans or unrealistic objectives, and only a few follow through with implementation. A clear career path is one consented to by employees from the point of hiring, with a detailed timeline tied to specific performance metrics. In the absence of a career path, performance-based rewards represent an alternative talent retention measure.

Treat employees as finite resources
To maximize productivity, many employers border on enslavement of their talent pool, leading to drainage and burnout especially among full-time employees. I am lucky to have the flexibility to work from home with Deep Knowledge Group, as the gig economy is enabling professionals like me to set boundaries. We are seeing less and less professionals going beyond their scope of work just to please their employers.

Assess the market worth of human capital
Many employees will leave their current employers at the first chance of a better pay. Therefore, companies should engage in an ongoing assessment of their talent pool against market trends, inflation rates, offers from the competition, cost of living and other personal and economic factors, in order to ensure their human resources are continuously well-compensated based on their current market worth.

Cultivate trust and enhance corporate culture
Honest employer-employee relationships and a sense of belonging are key at all levels of the organization. Employees are more satisfied and deliver better results when they establish trust with their leaders. Corporate trust has a lot to do with employee treatment. Poor trust levels have been known to contribute to diminishing levels of dedication and productivity among employees. The flat organizational structure at Deep Knowledge Group makes trust and good corporate culture easily attainable.

Support employees and their communities
Employers ought to support their employees, their families and communities through their difficult times. For instance, the leadership of Deep Knowledge Group has pledged its support to employees from Ukraine and their families in the wake of the war.
If you have what it takes to make a different in the fields of #InvestTech, media and analytics, and would like to join our team working fully remotely, please get in touch.

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