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"Financial Inclusion Developing World" Analytical Report


Deep Knowledge Analytics produced a 125-page report which provides a detailed overview of “Financial Inclusion” initiatives as an industry, as well as major trends and classification of the core technologies enabling the provision of financial services to the 2 Billion unbanked, outlines projections and predictions on the future of financial inclusion and “FinTech for Social Good” in developing regions, and considers these trends in convergence.

Full version of the report: Here

“FinTech for Social Good” and “Blockchain for Social Good” are rising trends that are attracting significant attention from both governments, NGOs, companies and investors. It represents more than just financial inclusion; it represents a clear path toward humanitarian good, towards accelerating the socioeconomic development of underdeveloped countries so as to give them greater opportunities for acquiring basic human amenities and the pathway for integration into the modern global economy through financial inclusion initiatives and technologies.

Besides charting the landscape of the “Financial Inclusion” and “FinTech for Social Good” sphere, this report also lists and profiles the top 180 companies and their 400 investors active in this field.

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