Ian Inkster

Aging Analytics Agency
Head of Policy Analytics,
Chief of Geroscience
and AgeTech Analytics

Ian Inkster, based in Edinburgh, UK, has over 10 years expertise in analytics on aging and Longevity research.

Ian Inkster.png

For as long as  I can remember I have had a passion for watertight communication. If I could define my one natural talent, it would be the unnamed skill of noticing when two people are talking past each other, identifying the underlying misapprehensions . And so early on I found myself swept into the role of a communications consultant for emerging technologies, that is to say, elucidating previously unnamed concept. Until in 2016 I found myself hired by Deep Knowledge Group, a firm whose function with regard to emerging technologies is so comprehensive that I have remained there ever since.

Once there I transitioned from role to role – from PR to copywriting to software engineering – but not at random. I advanced to each new role as a means of solving the problems of the previous role. 

The secret to success has been that I, like Deep Knowledge Group, give myself permission to engineer solutions to problems, and if the current conditions don’t allow that, engineer a change to the conditions.

What I came to learn was that I had been, and continued to be, part of an industry from the bottom up. Most jobs involving working in an industry have pre-defined concepts and predefined limits. At Deep Knowledge Group the job is to define the concepts ourselves and to abolish the limits. I have now long forgotten what it is like to work in a job where concepts and limitations are strictly laid out and limited in advance.

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