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Ian Inkster

Aging Analytics Agency
Head of Policy Analytics,
Chief of Geroscience
and AgeTech Analytics

Ian Inkster, based in Edinburgh, UK, has over 10 years experience with analytics on emerging technologies


For as long as I can remember I have had a passion for watertight communication. If I could define one natural talent, it would be the skill of noticing when two people are talking past each other…or when disparate technological sectors are not communicating property, prohibiting and delaying synergies. And so from 2009 onward I became a communications consultant for emerging technologies, making novel concepts visible to politics and finance, and existing sectors visible to each other, with an initial emphasis on biotechnology. 


Deep Knowledge Group’s involvement in emerging technologies is so broad that I have come to serve them in diverse capacities over the years since 2016 – from PR to copywriting to software engineering – but not at random. I undertook each new role as a means of solving the challenges of the previous role. 


I give myself permission to engineer solutions to problems, and if the current conditions don’t allow that, engineer a change to the conditions.


This has been my attitude to work, and I find that this “DeepTech engineering mindset” has in turn been Deep Knowledge Group’s attitude to industry.


Most jobs involve working with pre-defined concepts and within predefined limits. Mine has been to define the concepts ourselves and to abolish the limits. I have now long forgotten what it is like to work in a job where concepts and limitations are strictly laid out and limited in advance.

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