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My Longevity Protocol | Dmitry Kaminskiy Interview Series Ep 5

In the interview, Dmitry Kaminskiy discusses his personal longevity protocol. According to him, the most advanced and the most capable treatment for anti-aging is sleep. For him, quality sleep is essential and is the best treatment for many diseases. A person's health and genetics will be improved if quality sleep is prioritized, which eventually leads to a longer lifespan.

Secondly, Dmitry Kaminskiy speaks about physical exercise. The physical exercises he thinks are beneficial for the human body are those that are intermediate and natural, rather than unnatural exercises such as jogging. It's unnatural and harmful for the body to jog, although most people think it's healthier. He believes in doing specific exercises for at least an hour every day.

Mr. Kaminskiy believes that Diagnostic tests, Medical Screenings, and Specific briefing techniques on a regular basis are crucial for early disease detection. Also, he acknowledges the importance of longevity medicines in extending lives.

"Longevity medicine is advanced preventive medicine, a drug or compound that slows or reverses aging at the cellular level, and is a rapidly emerging field."

At present, these longevity medicines are rare and are only available in Switzerland, Germany, and Israel, and at a very high cost.

Dmitry Kaminskiy is optimistic about the future of these medicines. In the next few years, these medicines will be less expensive and more accessible, with more applications of biomarkers that are well developed, as well as a retail-oriented market for consumers.

In addition, imaging & diagnostics will be supervised by AI systems that will be more precise.

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