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States, Regions, Territories at Risk

Pilot Study of the Research

Being inspired with the results achieved by our previous report COVID-19 Regional Safety Assessment (200 Regions), Deep Knowledge Group’s analytics department decided to launch a new project, might be interested to decision makers from governments, non-profit foundations, for-profit corporations and insurance companies.

We, at Deep Knowledge Group, strongly believe, that the global challenge of this particular moment in history, which keeps the world's population in constant vigilance and hopeful for an immediate solution, is not only a medical and scientific challenge; it is also a political and governmental challenge, an economic and trade challenge, a reconfiguration of what national and international security means in practice, and a technological opportunity. On this matter we decided to launch a special project dedicated to risks and various problems faced by modern governments. The spectre of issues researched by this project will include various problems, from water shortages, global warming impact and ecological problems to cultural and religious clashes, secessionist movements and overall political instability.

States, Regions, Territories at Risk
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States, Regions, Territories at Risk
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Deep Knowledge Group seeks to utilize equally complex analytical frameworks to derive actionable insights and answers into how different aspects of modern problems should be addressedattending to all available data resources, using them to achieve a systemic approach to the different variables or dimensions that pre-determine it, in such a way that allows decision makers to influence these variables in practice and achieve the most positive outcomes in terms of reducing collateral damage and maximizing the likelihood of optimal post-pandemic national healthcare systems and economies. 

These assessments present particular opportunities that the regions included in the present analysis may employ to improve their performance and outputs in the short and medium term in the fight against the pandemic, and to establish themselves as solid economies in the post-pandemic era. In the same way, the study has also allowed us to identify and characterize essential risks and threats that must be addressed early to avoid further outbreaks, deepening of economic damage and the collapse of healthcare systems.

The ultimate aim of the framework is to analyze and score different regions according to their overall level of stability, both in terms of optimizing current health and wellness outcomes of their population amid the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as their prospects and likelihood of enabling geopolitical stabilization and economic recovery in the post-pandemic era.

States, Regions, Territories at Risk
Regional Distribution
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States, Regions, Territories at Risk
States, Regions, Territories at Risk
Global Rating

Deep Knowledge Group is producing its States at Risk special analytical case study pro-bono to serve as a useful tool for strategic decision making and risk management on the level of nations, responsible government departments and authorized bodies, international policy organizations, and corporations.

However, the group remains open to discussions involving customized analytics, consultancy and the development of tailored interactive IT-Platforms and data visualization and analytical systems to meet the specific needs of relevant governmental and institutional clients.

The project represents not just  an index of danger or safety. It’s ultimate purpose it to serve as a basis for building an interactive real-time decision making platform that can open up more accurate scaling prospects for particular national domains of activity and specific market, and help to weigh potential opportunities with associated risks.


The decision making platform will become an opportunity to transfer information for relevant agencies and business partners.

It will also help to neutralize weaknesses that could be the target of manipulation or attack.


It will help to make a right planning on how to develop certain project in particular region.


Identify patterns and be ready to respond to them / study them. The internet and data analytics can help predict geopolitical shift in people's’ interest. 


We are providing decision making tool for decision makers and strategic analysts. 


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