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States, Regions, Territories at Risk 


Deep Knowledge Group's States, Regions, Territories at Risks is a hybrid index compiled from specific parameters and indicators originally formulated as part of the group's frameworks, in order to create a new framework designed to take into account safety and vulnerability factors simultaneously. The analysis uses reputable public sources of data, but applies specific weight factors and parameters in order to structure that data in a manner that is relevant and realistic to their proportional importance and impact on various nation’s success at neutralizing the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Certain metrics used for advanced and qualitative assessment were formulated by Deep Knowledge Group analysts in coordination with specific experts and consultants using proprietary sources and techniques. Therefore, such rankings may be adjusted over time depending on the underlying information and in coordination with ongoing enhancements to our underlying analytical methodologies. 

The current global is a complex system involving more than typical disease tracking and management techniques, affected not just by biology but by the behaviour of individual humans, and the larger-scale actions of companies, institutions and governments. From the multiparameter analysis of 200 selected regions and countries, encompassing up to 50 variables, this study has been able to identify, and qualitatively and quantitatively characterize the overall degree of COVID-19 safety, stability and resilience of 200 territories around the globe.

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