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Knowledge is Power

Deep Knowledge is Transcendent Power

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Big data analytics

Utilizing Big Data and Quantifiable Metrics to analyze such complex industries as Longevity, AI, DeepTech, FinTech, NeuroTech and MedTech.



Data-driven investments in the synergetic convergence of DeepTech, frontier technologies at the nexus of technological megatrends.

longevity finance

The main source of market intelligence and investment trends in the rapidly growing €17 trillion Longevity Financial Industry

government ADVISORY

Advising officials on enhancement of the efficiency of their strategies for the economic recovery and preventing the development of future pandemics

covid-19 research

Constantly updated in-depth  analysis and ranking of the economic, societal and health stability of countries, regions and territories globally

covid-19 medtech

Mapping the entire MedTech ecosystem, including companies, labs, R&D hubs, investors, funding and support bodies leading the fight against COVID-19


Producing Global Longevity and AI focused conferences and virtual summits with most influential leaders and prominent organizations in these industries


Supporting and funding Age, Longevity and Science focused charities and foundations to help them raise awareness to the problem of Ageing.

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Benjamin Netanyahu

 Prime Minister of Israel

Israel has been ranked first in the Covid-19 Health Safety Countries Ranking on the Deep Knowledge Group website.

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Hong Nam-ki

Deputy Prime Minister of South Korea

Finance Minister Hong Nam-ki posted a Forbes article that ranked South Korea as the third safest out of 100 countries around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Karin Prien

 German Minister for Education, Science and Culture

Germany is very far ahead in the country comparison: "Compared to the other countries, Germany currently has the best security and stability ranking in Europe and is also one of the leading nations worldwide in terms of crisis management."

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Judith Varga

 Hungarian Minister of Justice

We are grateful for all healthcare workers and first responders battling the coronavirus. Hungary will continue to focus all its efforts on protecting the lives of its citizens and mitigating the adverse health and economic impacts of the pandemic.

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Fabrice Filliez

 Ambassador of Switzerland to Singapore

Deep Knowledge Group's report, based on 130 parameters, ranks Switzerland #1 due to its economy’s resilience & careful ways to relax lockdown without sacrificing public health and safety.

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